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Summer Hots Up with Plascon’s Palette of Super-Fueled Colours

Now that those lazy, hazy crazy days of summer are on the way, things are getting hot and so is the latest Plascon colour palette. Plascon has put together a palette of sizzling colours that’ll warm up any interior…

City to Surf is Plascon’s latest colour palette that celebrates sun-kissed red, vivid yellow, calming lilac and faded blues. These colours are cheerful, optimistic and pop harder than pastels but are not strident, saturated brights. Use the new season to update your space with colours that feel like we-deserve-a-little-fun after this very long year.

LemonTang Giggling Girl GreenJubilee-SlowDance

In South Africa, come summer vacation, there is an annual migration to the coast, to soak up the sun, sand and sea. Plascon’s newest colour palette has thus been dubbed City to Surf and pays homage to the Great South African Summer; the sea, sky, the lush colours in nature and the annual festive celebrations.

Using this mid-tone palette in your home will inject carefree vibrancy – whether it’s to liven up your holiday home or bring a feeling of happiness and excitement into your urban abode. The colours have names such as Surfing Sarah, Lemon Tang, and Sporty Blue – labels which capture the buoyant atmosphere these colours create. After all the stresses and negativity of the Coronavirus lockdown, we can all harness this sense of positivity to enhance wellness.

CognacCream SportyBlue LemonTang GreenJubilee

You can tint the colours of the City To Surf palette in Plascon Double Velvet Pure, an advanced coating with air-purifying technology that abates harmful formaldehyde in your home. This means that not only will your mood improve thanks to the colours, but the quality of the air you breathe will improve too, thanks to Plascon’s groundbreaking technology.

The full City to Surf colour collection is made up of:

· Sun Kissed Red – Go Go Red, R4-A1-1

· Warm Orange – Giggling Girl, O4-A1-3

· Glowing Yellow – Lemon Tang, Y6-A1-3

· Playful Green – Green Jubilee, G3-A1-4

· Youthful Blue – Sporty Blue, B2-A1-2

· The Coolest Blue Pristine Blue, B4-A1-1

· Serene Lilac – Slow Dance, P4-A1-4

· Faded Blue – Surfing Sarah, B4-A1-4

Double Velvet Pearl White Green Jubilee

For free advice on how to use City to Surf, or any other Plascon colours, please contact the Plascon Colour Advice team via email: ColourAdvice@kansaiplascon.co.za.

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