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Studio CrazyNoodles Presents Ando’s Magic & Divination

Being a world-class metropolis, Tokyo is a place of endless happenings, beginnings, and a plentiful history. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder many find inspiration in its content, both present and past. Hiro Ando is no exception.

His is a celebration of colour and neo-pop culture. Ando’s creations are a breath of fresh air – hinting at magic and divination.

Ando is internationally acclaimed for his sculptures and paintings with unexpected colours and surface treatments that conflate modern Japanese icons such “Hello Kitty”, the Cat, the Panda, with traditional Samurai Warriors and the Sumo Wrestlers. These create a very contemporary dialogue between the past and present, East and West in unexpected ways that have made him one of the most notable Japanese Contemporary artists of his 1980’s generation.

Depicting the scenery of the city with a traditional nuance, Ando adds the contemporary element into his paintings, drawings, and recent sculptural work, mostly influenced by the Japanese Manga.

As one of the founding members of the CrazyNoodles collective studio, Ando and his work represent the light, fun side of the neo-pop culture.

Visit www.galeriejacobpaulett.com or www.hiroando.com.


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