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Step Inside This London Pied-à-Terre by Viktor Udzenija

This glorious pied-à-terre by Viktor Udzenija is a 3,000 square foot residence, filled with marble, overlooking Cadigan Square in west London. It is the perfect weekend home for an art collector and offers ample space and a designer edge that is stylish and convenient.

A home steeped in history, the building presents an older, almost vintage floor plan. Here, small roomer rooms are separated by wooden doors. Despite being antique, the property presents many positive aspects that even a modernist like Udzenija could appreciate. As such, he made sure to maintain the historical relationship between the house and the city of London.

Meet the creator

Viktor Udzenija, born in Serbia and raised in Prague, is a prestigious architect and interior designer, who graduated from the Technical University of Munich in Germany and started his career at Foster+Partners in London, later moving to Dubai. His projects are often defined with a clear sense of proportion, functionality and sustainability. Whether in architecture or interior design, a great example of these influences is precisely this Udzenija’s pied-à-terre in London. With a studio in Dubai, he expanded his brand in 2020 within Prague.

From conception to creation, Viktor Udzenija’s distinctive architectural approach is innovative and unique. His style is often future-focused and sustainable, adding considerable value to every project he undertakes. This London home is no exception. It is a space filled with marble, art and emotions, and engages us in a captivating and mysterious journey.

Furthermore, there is a great particularity between Udzenija and London. Both share a journey with converging cultures and influences. This is perfectly verified in today’s property, where we get a glimpse into a unique property that comes to life through art and high-end finishes such as marble.

Step into a marble wonderland

In the prestigious entryway, we experience an undulation of marble along the walls, to resemble moving curtains. In many ways, this wall of marble is a reminder of the grandeur of Versailles. We can also observe a black lacquered floor and at the end of the foyer we can contemplate an elegant and eye-catching sculpture by Damien Hirst.

This leads us into a magical marble living – where the room plays with textures and presents both linear and textured architectural elements. Udzenija by directing the wavy surface towards the fireplace intends to transmit the idea that the fire is melting the table, as if in a space full of cold marble, we experience a feeling of warmth. Here, art adorns the living area with works by George Condo, Günther Förg and Farhad Moshiri featured throughout the living room.

From one room to the next, we experience the sheer beauty of marble and the endless possibilities of this high-end finish. The kitchen is intended to convey the gradient effect of the house, where the tones are progressing from the ceiling to the floor. “It’s like an ice cave” says Udzenija. Again, transmitting an idea of cold. It’s this idea of arctic inspiration that once again extends into the lounge and other areas of the home.

A dramatic boudoir

The bedroom comes into its own, with dark tones and a dramatic ambience. Artwork with strong themes is featured here by Monica Bonvicci, Glenn Ligon and Rachid Johnson. Flagstones with black and pink marble set the scene as door frames to the boudoir. It’s definitely a space that demands attention – with bold finishes and a dramatic colour palette.




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