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Step Inside a Multi-Million Dollar Penthouse In Paris

Gold, marble, mirror and more blend together in this – a multi-million dollar penthouse design project in Paris, completed by the Boca do lobo design team. The 1450 square foot home is filled with luxurious finishes and a beautifully refined and eclectic ambience.

From the entrance to the living spaces, bold white life-sized sculptures add a whole new dimension to this home. It is no wonder that this project is one of many homes belonging to a prolific architect, who also dabbles in the art dealing world. This luxurious apartment features the owner’s distinct love of eclectic art and combines mixed materials to add texture and depth to every room.

Perfect Balance

To fulfil his professional needs, the client reached out to Boca do Lobo Design Studio, to create the perfect balanced home . “After one meeting we decided that the apartment should be artistic and luxurious, but also functional. A space to work, but also to leisure”, a place where even in the comfort of his home when brilliance strikes, no time is wasted in putting pen to paper.

Elegant yet classic architectural details can be seen throughout. This includes french wall mouldings in classic white which hint at the iconic windows of the city’s renaissance period. And let’s not forget the many artistic creations and sculptures that enhance this home and make it something extraordinary.

Classic and White

White is the key colour within this interior design project giving it length and the perfect starting point for different contemporary design concepts. A neutral and clean background is achieved where everything fits perfectly in harmony. Nothing says luxury quite like gold and we find hints of it throughout this majestic abode. Luxury finishes complete each space with carefully hand-painted tiles preserving history, and the final touches of marble, one of the noblest materials to ever grace our world. As you can imagine, every detail is carefully thought out.

The master bedroom, the tailored closet and the bespoke kitchen were the main challenges for the team in this exclusive interior design project. A fully functional office was also one of the architect’s imperative requests.

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