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Step Inside A Mediterranean-Inspired House in Dubai

Dubai is often known for its deserts, ultra-modern architecture and skyscrapers that dominate the landscape. Today’s home, however, is far from the futuristic city styles we have come to expect from Dubai. On the contrary, the home is blissful and Mediterranean-inspired. It seems to transport us to another time and place.

Located in the Umm Suqeim neighbourhood of Dubai, this home doesn’t quite fit in. The aesthetic is one of a contemporary design with Mediterranean touches. It belongs to lifestyle entrepreneur Natalia Shustova, who bought this villa during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic as her weekend refuge from the city. And we can certainly see why!

A shift to reevaluate life

Prior to the pandemic, Natalia was living in a penthouse in the city’s financial district – surrounded by futuristic buildings and the typical movement of a big city. As with most of us reevaluating the meaning and purpose of life over the past few years, Natalia too, came to the conclusion that she needed a tranquil place to rest and enjoy life. She decided to look for a home where she could rest at least during the weekend, especially since travel was so limited at the time. But as she spent more time in this charming house in Dubai, Natalia soon realized that this was far more than a vacation space. Together with her husband, they made the decision to move to the house.

Even though she was already in love with the house – Natalia opted for a remodel to create a home that had Mediterranean flair. The result was beyond their expectations – a place full of charm and peaceful vibes, and the exact opposite of Dubai’s modernist style. Some highlights of this renovation were the undulating white plaster boundary and the landscape of olive trees. The pool area also received an upgrade with artisanal tiles and an outdoor sauna.

An indoor retreat

On the inside, the home is a real jewel – with beautiful details. Natalia chose an experimental design to mark an authentic style. The old gabled ceiling, for example, is one of the charming details that honour the home’s personality.

The space was completely reinvented into a dream home. This shift can also be compared to Natalia’s personal life. The entrepreneur moved to Dubai in 2006 to help luxury real estate companies. Lawyer by qualification in 2020, she decided to follow her dream and found Goshá, a floral studio.

Today, her home is a place that reveals her love and creativity. One of her favourite spaces in the house is the kitchen – a green room with a garden view and a marble and brass island. The space was designed entirely by Natalia and her husband.


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