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Sep 19, 2021

Spotlight: Out of Africa with Nancy Designs

Nancy Hartman, found of Nancy Designs, grew up in Paris, France and moved down to South Africa during her teenage years. Hartman found her passion through buying homes, renovating and then selling them. Her eye for creativity was seen by many, as in her later years, Hartman’s friends and family encouraged her to set up her business in 2012. 

Since then, she has grown her business purely through word of mouth and has in recent years partnered with Symbol Projects, operating in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sephus Le Roux, owner of Symbol Projects, is a builder with a great eye for design, which is the reason for their collaborative partnership.

Furthermore, Hartman specializes in residential projects, is passionate about lodge design and consistently works to expand her portfolio in her area.

An array of decor products

Aside from interior design and reno’s – Nancy Designs has an e-commerce website. Here some of Hartman’s finer sourced pieces are available to buy across South Africa. Products are covered from wallpaper, to photographs, all the way through to candle pieces.

Out of Africa

Today we’re featuring some of Nancy Designs’ ‘Out of Africa’ range. This includes the magnificent elephant head with wooden tusks, a beautiful photograph by Zala Hartman, Give us a hug, and thirdly, a beloved zulu man ceramic head by Marina Walsh.

Elephant Head With Wood Tusks

Celebrated artist Marina Walsh has created this exquisite ceramic Elephant head with meranti tusks in white.

Give Us A Hug By Zala Hartman

Zala is a wildlife photographer as well as a vet working in conservation in the Kruger Park Region of South Africa. She captures animals interacting with their natural surroundings. She gives her pictures a reality seldom captured with such soul. Her photos are therefore of the highest quality printed on a mounted Canvas.

Zulu Man Ceramic Head

    This strong piece of art is Marina Walsh at her best! 36cm High x 22cm deep.

    For more visit Nancy Designs.


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