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Spotlight: Luxury Lifestyle Awards

A showcase of the design’s world Crème de la crème, the Luxury Lifestyle Awards’ Top 100 Architects and Designers for 2023 list highlights the biggest and most innovative names in the business.
“Welcome to a realm of innovation, creativity and visionary artistry,” says the Luxury Lifestyle Awards of the curated assemblage.


spotlight-luxury-lifestyle-awards-interior-design“This collection is more than a mere list; it’s a showcase of excellence, a celebration of the most outstanding, reliable and respected talents in the sphere of luxury architecture and design.”
“The Top 100 list is not just about architectural and design expertise; it’s a recognition of those who push boundaries, who merge innovation with aesthetics and who bring dreams to life with their visionary approaches. Each name on this list brings a unique perspective to the table, contributing a richer, more diverse world of architectural and design possibilities.”
“Within this selection, you will encounter architects and designers who embody the pinnacle of creativity and excellence in their field. From awe-inspiring skyscrapers that redefine city skylines to tranquil residences seamlessly integrated into their natural surroundings, these professionals have crafted some of the world’s most iconic and breathtaking structures and spaces.”
spotlight-luxury-lifestyle-awards-id-twoPre-eminent names include AHN&Partners, a creative space solution partner based in South Korea, Antoria Design Studio in Panama, Aujan Interior Decorators in the UAE and Aura Design Studio in Turkey. US-based Emily Roose Interiors and Guidon Studio are also on the list, as are UK-based Hollandgreen Architecture, Interiors & Landscapes and Luxury Italian Living.
From the African continent Studio+ Architects and ZDS Architects, both based in Egypt, and Valery Weyn Architects in Kenya also made the list.
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