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Feb 11, 2020

SHF Home: How To Style Your Living Room With Vessels & Vases

Keep your living room feeling fresh and simple with beautiful arrangements of ceramic vessels and organic vases. Here are a few ideas to style your space with these must-have items from SHF Home.

1. Greenery and Oversized Leaves

Bring freshness to your living room with off-cuts of greenery, twigs and oversized leaves in a display of vessels and vases. This is a sure way to embrace an organic feel and bring a renewed energy into your home. We also love the greenery trend so tie this into your interior design with matching fabrics and wallpapers that display oversized leaves and organic curves in your space.

2. Candles

Invest in beautiful scented candles to create an aromatic and sensual experience in the living room. Add these to ceramic vessels on the coffee table or sideboard and allow your senses to become invigorated. Tip: Add a collection of smaller vessels together as a feature decor accent on a table and use candles to brighten it up.

3. Fresh Flowers in Vases

Complement the colour scheme of your interior with matching coloured florals in a vase. Nature is a sure way to inspire a delicate interior with freshly cut flowers to set the tone and add to the colour palette of your space.

4. Classic Blue

Classic Blue has been dubbed the Pantone Colour of 2020. Be sure to bring this trend home with beautiful ceramicware to match this palette. Hints of blue decor – vessels and vases – are a brilliant way to add this striking hue to your living room in 2020.

5. Metallic Love

Metal is a gorgeous addition to a contemporary living space. Add metallic finishes to your decor with gold or brass pots and vessels for added shine and a beautiful tone in the living room. Tip: Subtle metallic accents can set the tone of elegance in your living room. Bring it in through your choice of lighting or decor and allow it to shine with radiance in your home.

Whatever the occasion or style, you can create a trendy display in the living room with simple vessels and vases.

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