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Jan 18, 2019

SHF: Design Mistakes to Avoid & How You Can Restore Harmony In Your Home

Great interior design can have a wonderful effect on your mood at home. It can help you relax and unwind and totally enjoy your abode as a sanctuary and place of harmony. However, there are key elements that you should avoid in order to achieve a balanced and beautiful interior. Here we share some of the designer tricks of the trade, with the pitfalls you should avoid, with help from SHF.

  1. Avoid Clutter

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in a space where clutter fills every room. Clutter can make a room feel closed in, disorganised and unsettling. Start by purging items in your home. Remove excess ornamentation and start with a clean palette to achieve balance. Instead of a variety of decor accents everywhere, opt for key luxury items that you love. SHF boasts a beautiful array of sophisticated homeware and accessories to make a statement in your home, without cluttering up your favourite rooms!

2. You’ve forgotten to add texture

Texture has a way of adding depth to any space. Without it, a room may feel bland, sterile and unwelcoming. Add a variety of textures to your space to create a homely and intimate ambience – and instantly up your comfort levels.

Gorgeous upholstered sofas, beautiful textural throws and scatters in a variety of prints and fabrics are great options. Shop superior textural accents at SHF and bring a sophisticated edge to your home.


3. You’ve forgotten to limit noise and the bustle of city life

If you dwell in a metropolis such as Cape Town or Johannesburg, the fast pace of city life can become overwhelming. It’s important to create a serene, quiet space at home – somewhere you can take retreat from all the bustle of everyday city life. Keep things simple yet beautiful with timeless furniture and accents that add to the overall essence of design and peaceful living within your home.

Add candles, ambient lighting, potted plants and more to create a space of serenity in your home.

With the confidence born of being South Africa’s leading designer furniture and homeware brand, SHF helps you redefine your living spaces.

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