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Dec 24, 2019

SHF Home: Bring Bold Botanicals & Greenery Home

A trendy, nature-inspired atmosphere is a must-have in any home. It freshens up your living space and invites the warm tones and hues that are celebrated in nature. Now you can achieve a natural look with faux planters and botanicals from SHF Home.

Here we show you how to bring in bold greenery and botanicals into every room.

In the dining room:

Add a planter to a dining table or console and let the colours of nature inspire your room. Remember to choose quality faux plants that look like the real thing. It will look beautiful and also add a fresh feel to your dining table.

In the bedroom:

A simple potted botanical or succulent next to your bed will add a little colour and magic to the bedroom. Faux planters are excellent additions to your space as these won’t trigger allergies, won’t need to be watered and won’t require maintenance to look good.

In the kitchen:

Hanging planters are beautiful as they draw your eyes upward and enhance your space. Add a hanging planter in the kitchen, or near a window and allow the light to play off the greenery and create a fresh and inspired area in your home. You can also add potted plants to counter tops and windowsills to give it a soft, natural look.

In the living room:

Bigger leafed botanicals are perfect for the living room or entertainment area. These are great for bringing a lovely leafy presence to your design and can create contrast and texture in your room.

Shop some of our favourites now on offer from SHF Home:

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