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ProNature – All Natural Timber Treatments

Nature gave us this wonderful material and with ProNature, you can make it look the way you like it. Seal and stain all your timber with ProNature’s interior & exterior oil-based sealers, nourish it with care oil or waxes, keep it clean and maintain it with effective cleaners. Find your colour in ProNature’s extensive range and if you don’t – they’ll make it for you. For the Love of Your Wood.

Creating a colourful world, where healthy products are the norm…

In the nineties, well before the concern for organic/green/ sustainable built environments had entered the mainstream discourse, Greenhaus Architects researched and attempted sourcing ecologically sound building materials. Toxins and volatiles in paints and varnishes presented some of the biggest challenges. Trained in the science and design of ‘conventional’ polymer paints, experienced in manufacturing, and with a proven track record in commerce, ProNature appeared at that time, as if sent. Finally, a company with vision, ready to break new ground and get on the right side of history. Over 22 years, ProNature has shown willingness to take on every challenge we put to them. Having readily available, durable, ecologically sound finishes for exteriors, interiors, furniture and floors – along with fantastic follow-up service and meticulous client care allows us, wherever possible, to specify ProNature – and nothing else. – Etienne Bruwer, Greenhaus Architects


ProNature Outdoor:

ProNature Outdoor is  a penetrating timber oil in an extensive colour range, leaving your timber with a
a natural, beautifully matte finish. It’s water repellent, UV protective, easy to apply and fast drying. Hassle free maintenance: you can spot repair. General maintenance: every 1-2 years, no need to sand! Simply clean & reapply.

Paint a greener future with ProNature.

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