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Jul 22, 2018

Plascon’s Loving: Audacious You With Hot ‘n Spicy

Red lipstick, the red carpet, a racy red dress! This sensational colour has always been associated with drama, flair, bold individuality and…. danger. As the winds of change sweep across the globe, its inherent dynamic energy pushes people forward to pave their way into an uncertain future and distinguish themselves from the pack.

Hot N Spicy

For 2019, the Pantone Colour Institute predicts various bold colour palettes to be used in our homes, fashion and food. Audacious and tempting, some of these are already reflected in the 2018 Plascon Colour Forecast’s rule-breaking Hi-Glo Palette. Plascon’s July colour of the month, pure, primary Hot ‘n Spicy (R6-B1-1), is bound to banish the Winter blues and create a wildly life affirming opportunity to break from convention and make a statement.

Plascon Brand Ambassador and Colour Specialist, Claire Bond says, “Hot ‘n Spicy reds, flamingo pinks and rich purples allude to fetish foods such as peppers, chillis and dark chocolate tempered with warm neutral ochre and grassy green shades. Translated into fashion and décor, it’s warm, it’s cosy, it’s maximalist joy.”

With the monochromatic use of colour becoming more and more popular, people are returning to the classic treatment of painting all walls in a room in one colour and leaving the cornices, ceilings and doors in white. Claire warns, “Done right, red can be dramatic, happy and lively. Done wrong, it can be aggravating or overly stimulating.”

The power of red even in small touches is well proven. Claire says, “If red walls are too over the top for your taste, consider playful touches of red like a stenciled floor, red blinds or red kitchen counter chairs to create a sophisticated look while at the same time giving your space some soul and you the opportunity for some personal expression.”

Paired with natural neutrals, red painted on a standalone piece of furniture or a fireplace or incorporated through some beautiful linen or a well-placed rug, will go a long way to create some pop and bring a space to life. “Think a kelim rug on a crisp white floor or a perfectly positioned red fireplace in an otherwise neutral room filled with natural materials,” adds Claire.

British clothing designer turned interior designer, Matthew Williamson says, “Colour on clothing, just like in homes, changes people’s mood and therefore I think, perhaps everyone should be a little bolder in their colour choice.”

Claire says, “Wherever you are in your life, there is always a little space for some self-expression so cut through the red tape and look to red to make that bold statement and stand out from the crowd.”

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