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Jul 5, 2018

Plascon’s Love Affair With Wabi-Sabi And Julianne Jade

Not to be confused with Wasabi, Japanese-inspired Wabi-Sabi is the décor trend on everyone’s lips this Winter and that’s why we are loving Plascon’s gorgeous Julianne Jade colour, an old-world smoky-silvery, blue-green that can be used to create this look in your home.

Part of the 2018 Colour Forecast’s Soft Composition Palette, Julianne Jade (G5-E2-1) is warm, contemporary and easy on the eye. “This wonderfully muted and calming green combined with Wabi-Sabi décor elements will help you break your own rules, slow down and focus on the present. Think handcrafted décor like pottery, unbleached cotton, your mom’s old tea set and weathered wood to make your home into a welcoming sanctuary that celebrates the past,” says Claire Bond

In contrast to the starkness of ultra-modern interiors, the Wabi-Sabi look embraces the imperfection in the world around us. Taking the Scandinavian design trend, “HYGGE” a step further, this age-old Japanese concept is rooted in Zen Buddhism and lends its focus to the premise that there is ‘perfection in the imperfection’. Claire says, “Wabi-Sabi has emerged out of an era that is obsessed with perfection and instant gratification. We love Wabi-Sabi and the way it’s helping us to remember that life is a journey, and so we can allow ourselves to look at the world around us with new eyes.”

Perhaps seen as the Japanese version of shabby chic, the Wabi-Sabi trend incorporates muted and shaded colours like Julianne Jade. Décor elements include beautifully handcrafted items, baskets, second hand but lovingly preserved or recycled furniture pieces and sustainable Mango wood. “This décor style will have you headed to the charity shop or an antiques market before the furniture store,” exclaims Claire.

Together with beautiful and softly muted hues like Julianne Jade, the Wabi-Sabi trend will guide you towards creating a sanctuary that is not ostentatious but an inviting space for friends and family to feel at home, laugh and live life to the full. Visit the Plascon Spaces showroom to experience first hand the calming and soothing effect Julianne Jade will have in your spaces. Don’t forget to take with you a tester pot and try it for yourself.

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