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Dec 29, 2018

Plascon House Tour: Norway Cottage Glamour

Dark wood, exposed rafters, glamourous lighting and mid-century modern furniture work together in this stylish Norwegian cottage. It’s a contemporary cabin like no other!

The living room comes to life with a stunning yellow sofa that steals the show in this space. It pops against the darker tones used throughout this room and we also love the use of a modern glassed-in chandelier which adds to the cosy ambience of this space. Interior glass walls also helps to open up the room and allows light to travel through the dark, dramatic interior rooms in this beautiful cottage.

The kitchen is bold and every element works together to enhance the true essence of style in this space. From the shimmery tiled flooring to the wooden ceiling, modern light fixtures and dark wood cabinetry –  this inspired space is soulful and inviting.

The bedroom too is bold in darker shades of charcoal and beautiful upholstery carried through the headboard, with similar textures present in the bedside lamp and bedding. The wooden walls are a feature in this room – adding the natural look and feel of this designer space. Luxury bedding elevates this room and we can imagine curling up for a good night’s rest on this elegant bed!

The darker tones continue in the bathroom, this time with bold tiles and a striking concrete-look basin. A golden tap adds to the chic elegance of this room and we love the simplicity of an exposed bulb as lighting in this unrefined yet urban and glamourous bathroom environment.

Symmetry and flow occurs through the continued use of wood in every room. A gorgeous modern fireplace adds to the comfort factor of this home. Built-in seating on either end of the fireplace makes for the perfect spots to curl up with a book and enjoy a quiet pace of life in an authentic, beautiful cottage space.

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