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Dec 16, 2019

Plascon House Tour: Cosmopolitan Flair

Today we are walking through the elegant interior of Melissa Koch – a Sydney based designer with many years of international design experience under her belt. Her own spacious retreat is calming and sophisticated with a few feminine touches that we love.

Melissa loves classical interiors; spaces that are elegant with an updated twist for our modern times. Here interiors are often layered, collected, comfortable, functional and reflective of the individual. In her own home, bright spaces make way for beautifully curated artwork on the walls. Hints of blush add a soft feminine touch through accent decor in the living spaces.

However, as a designer, Melissa does not shy away from bold furniture. In fact, a striking animal print sofa feels at home in the living room. On her website she explains, “Our role is to harmonise elegance and comfort—creating gorgeous interiors without sacrificing functionality. We make it our mission to understand how you or your family will ‘live’ within your house. We interpret the tastes, needs and demands of each individual client and work closely with architects, contractors and artisans to curate a beautiful reality. ”

Gorgeous prints add life into her own home. Playful touches add whimsy and colour and we love the eclectic feel of each room.

It is all about texture and the right balance of colours in every space. In the bedroom, a bold black side table is eye-catching with intricate metallic details. Again framed prints add depth to this space while upholstered elements bring comfort and softness to this special retreat.

The design comes to life through all the finer details – accent decor and styling make each item pop. Here we see the subtle use of beautifully curated items – florals in a glass vase, paired with books and more for a simple yet elegant look.

specialises in Modern Traditional interiors that feel both timeless and elegant, and always reflective of their client’s personal identity. With a refined sense of space, scale and style developed through Melissa’s exposure to different cultures, places, and clients, MKI prides itself on interiors that are sophisticated,
yet authentic.

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