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PerfectAire Launches New Artisan Range

PerfectAire SA launched the first air purifier range in South Africa in 2005 and boasts the largest range of air purifiers and solutions in the country. PerfectAire is all about constantly developing innovative, healthy and effective products that will change the way you and your family, live and work.

Here we bring you some of their latest developments with new products from the Artisan Range.

Oakmoss & Spice (Anti-Tobacco):

A dreamy reminder of Arabian nights, this warm and alluring fragrance creates a stimulating and comforting ambience. An elegant fragrance with detoxifying properties, an expectorant for coughs, helping to dissolve mucus. An anti-tobacco with a sensational aroma that aids in detoxifying the body, while having anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Orient Pearl:

An exceptional scent, blended with sweet notes of lily and rich savoury tones of green cloves, invokes feelings of self-confidence. It reduced insomnia, supports mental and emotional health. A soothing bouquet for a tranquil atmosphere.

Regal Opulence:

Palacial luxury. An inviting scent with rich and inviting aromas. A fragrance with notes of woody incense for treating mood disorders, alleviates pain and stimulates the immune system. This alluring scent eliminates unpleasant odours, cleans surfaces and assists in killing airborne bacteria. Powerfully blended properties of strawberry and gardenia, enhances meditation, relaxes and uplifts the spirit, while reducing anxiety. A scent to savour from morning till far into the night.

Silver Moon:

A captivated blend accentuated with fruit, orchid and musk, expresses the beauty of a fleeting moment, an expression of the beyond. The rich fragrance which is an infusion of sensual warmth and zesty aromas restores harmony to body and mind. It is used to treat infections caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi. It has cleansing and purifying properties while supporting the immune system. This stimulating and energising combination of ingredients invokes feelings of happiness and relieves stress. A scent for that special moment.

Velvet Romance:

A velvety, aromatic delight, as lingering as love itself. A magical infusion of iris root, lime and rose creates an enchanting setting, while increasing the libido and stimulates creativity. The sweet and enveloping smell fights the effects of stress and is the perfect blend to awaken desires. A lingering and aromatic blend that protects against fungi and supports a healthy immune system. Makes for a romantic and signature smell.

Guilty Pleasures:

Surrender and take delight in life’s guilty pleasures… a stolen kiss, an affectionate rendezvous.  A seductive blend of the finest scents soothes headaches, aids in insomnia and calms tired nerves. A sheer statement of enticement, the blend of hyacinth, sandalwood and fruit, aids in treating a low libido and mood enhancement, while being seductive. A fragrant combination that alleviates anxiety and stress, increases alertness, and acts as an anti-fungal treatment. The uplifting scent is refreshingly guilty but definitely pleasurable.

Launch prices are valid from 22 February until 31 March 2021.

Shop the latest ranges at PerfectAire.

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