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Perfect Hideaways: Experience Authentic Farm Living At BoPlaas

Nothing beats the feeling of farm-fresh air in your lungs, while roosters crow and all that surrounds you is the innate beauty of life outdoors. If you’re looking for a break from the urban jungle and the bustle of everyday life, BoPlaas situated beneath the Hawequa Mountains near Wellington, is calling your name!

What can you expect from this Perfect Hideaway? Sit back and enjoy a beautifully layered and detailed interior, with classic pieces of antique furniture and slubby linen slipcovers in muted tones. In the kitchen are hand-painted wall tiles by Michael Chandler and a Lacanche stove. In the bedrooms fabrics from Whiteman & Mellor. It’s pretty much a perfect ten!

Farm Life

At BoPlaas you can take it all in and forget your worries. Awaken to the sound of the handsome rooster crowing and welcoming in the day. The chickens are out roaming the gardens and laying free range eggs amongst the flower beds.

Barefoot with coffee in hand take a stroll onto the generous veranda and watch the day start. The mist rising over the distant mountains and sunlight spreading across the valley.

Send the children out with baskets to collect eggs for breakfast. Pick organic vegetables from the expansive walled veggie garden. Spend your days lounging by the pool or under the shade of a large tree with the latest bestseller.

This is the kind of place where you feel the knots unfurl and find a new perspective on life. A place for the family to reconnect and spend evenings playing board games together. It’s what farm life is all about… and while we may not be cut out to enjoy it 365 days a year, for a precious respite from busy lives it is the perfect tonic!.

What you need to know…

  • There is WiFi, however the signal is strong only in the dining room.
  • There are dirt roads to access the farm – any car will make it, just be prepared for a bumpy ride.
  • Those with little people need to be vigilant – the pool does have a net, however there is an open dam (not very close to the house).
  • There are two lovely farm dogs who stay at the manager’s house.
  • There are extra cottages available, however if the whole group wishes to congregate at the main house we recommend only taking two cottages, sleeping a maximum of 12 guests.

Take your mountain bike or walking shoes and enjoy an authentic farm stay at BoPlaas.

Credits to — @hwildphoto

Remember, Perfect Hideaways has a portfolio of farms, villas, houses, cottages and boutique hotels – each unique, each with huge character and each handpicked because of their individual beauty, quirks and charm.

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