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Paintsmiths: Choosing The Perfect Colours For Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place of solace and rejuvenation. The right colours in this room can set the tone for better rest, relaxation and improved wellbeing. Today we’re sharing some of our favourite colour choices for that perfect bedroom sanctuary!

Keep it classic

Classic tones such as white, beige, grey and taupe are soothing as beautiful neutrals. These soft tones will create a wonderful backdrop for a peaceful master suite. It will also ensure your room is tranquil, light and inviting as these softer tones reflect light and heat, for a cool, summer bedroom!

Classic neutrals are also timeless so you won’t have to worry about changing the look every season. Top tip: Simply change up your accessories in a neutral room and you’ll get a fresh and inviting new look as it suits you.

Warm tones

Create a cosy den with warmer tones like a rich terracotta, cream or mustard. These colours are more vibrant than the calming neutrals mentioned above. However, they will enrich your room with a cosy ambience. Warm tones are also a great way to add personality and depth to your bedroom. Pair with lighter coloured accessories and bedding for that elegant finish!

Relaxing pastels

Pastels tones are soft and feminine. Shades like lavender, soft blues, pinks and greens, all evoke a sense of calm in interior design. It’s also no wonder why pastels are a firm favourite in children’s nurseries! Pastels don’t have to be ‘childish choices’ though. In fact, you can achieve an elegant look with a vibrant pastel tone as a feature above your bed. Shades of lavender and light lilac, for example, can exude serenity while creating a vibrant, yet understated, colour palette.

Not sure where to start your bedroom colour makeover? Visit Paintsmiths for products that help you paint things better. Paintsmiths has 35 nationwide stores that give you healthier, more ethical choices when it comes to choosing paints and coatings. View palettes, accurate colour samples and colour cards at your nearest Paintsmiths store.

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