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Numatic: Take Your Cleaning Routine Up A Notch

Cleaning is a messy business – pun intended! It’s so easy to get overwhelmed, distracted and even a little clueless when it comes to tidying up your home or office. Start small and the task won’t seem so huge. Here we share some easy cleaning tips to help you take your cleaning routine up a notch.

Chuck it out

Have you ever picked up toys and clutter and become distracted by packing one item away at a time? When there is so much stuff blocking up your space, it really does become a challenge. However, pro organisers suggest that we start by discarding first. This means, tossing things you no longer need or use. Grab a box or bag and start in one room at a time and chuck everything that no longer serves a purpose in your home.

The basket challenge

Next, grab a basket and place anything (and everything) that needs to be organised inside. So, instead of trying to pack away one item at a time, fill a basket in a room with everything that is out of place and then spend time packing each item in its rightful place. This is a great way to avoid feeling overwhelmed or distracted while cleaning your house.

Choose one thing

Whether you’re sorting toys, books, or kitchen utensils, another great tip is to start with one specific item instead of an entire space. Choose one surface to clean, or choose one kitchen drawer to rearrange. This will make the task more manageable and you’ll feel way more productive when you get to tick off smaller tasks.

Whip out a chore list

The New Year may call for some changes in your household. Why not create a chores list and get the entire family to help you establish chores. This way, you’ll get buy-in from everyone and keep all family members accountable. Remember, even little kids can learn a thing or two if they are given the responsibility of a chore. Things like packing our the dishwasher, putting away clothing, or even dusting counters can help them take part in the cleaning action.

Don’t let another year start without taking control of your home organisation. Keep it simple and invest in the proper cleaning tools to help you manage your space with ease. Shop quality vacuum cleaners and more at Numatic.


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