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Dec 21, 2019

Numatic: Get Your House In Order Before Your Holiday Guests Arrive

The year is almost over and it certainly calls for a little down time with your loved ones. If you’re expecting holiday guests this season, be sure to get your house in order with our top tips and tricks.

Do a pre-clean

Avoid the chaos of a messy home with some solid cleaning prep before your guests arrive. Do a deep clean of the main areas of the home – including the kitchen and bathrooms. Clear out the fridge and make space in the pantry for holiday staples. Stock up on essentials such as toilet paper, detergents and more. A little prep goes a long way and will certainly help you after the guests arrive too.

Prep the dining room

If you’re hosting Christmas dinner this year, be sure to prep your dining room and kitchen to accommodate the extra guests and extra food. Make space in your fridge for holiday treats and be sure to add extra seating to your dining table. You may need to invest in additional crockery and cutlery too. And if you dining room needs a spring clean, now is certainly the time. Deep clean upholstered dining chairs and be sure to wipe down or dust any chandeliers and ceiling lights before your celebrations begin.


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Launder linen and drapes

When you’re expecting visitors over the holidays, be sure to get the spare bedrooms in order. Launder or wash extra linen and drapes and spring clean those guest bedrooms for the season. Fresh clean curtains and bed sheets are a must and will certainly add a chic feel to your home.

Vacuum all those hidden spots

You know the spots you often overlook during the year – well now is the time to whip out the vacuum cleaner and create a clean environment before the visitors arrive. We’re talking about behind hard to move furniture items such as the bed, couch or bookshelf… Also be sure to vacuum around the skirting of your rooms and even along the edge of the ceiling where dust and grime may accumulate.

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