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Numatic: 7 Cleaning Essentials For Every Home

Cleaning got you down? Take the stress out of cleaning your home with this list of 7 essential items you need to clean up in no time.

From the kitchen to the bedroom and shower, a few essentials are all you need on hand to keep your home sparkly clean. Forget the fancy tools and cleaning gadgets and go back to basics for a cleaner, happier abode. Here’s our top 7 items to make cleaning a breeze…

  1. A scrubbing brush

Whether you’re cleaning spills off the carpet or scrubbing your tiles, grout or floorboards, a scrubbing brush is an essential to eliminate stains and hard to remove dirt and grime. A must-have in your cleaning tool kit!

2. A cleaning sponge

In the kitchen and bathroom, a simple sponge can go a long way to keeping your sink or bathtub squeaky clean. Remember to replace your sponge often to avoid spreading germs around the house. Your kitchen sponge should be replaced weekly for optimum cleaning potential.

3. A mop

With so many great mop options on the market today, be sure to shop around and purchase one that will make your life easier. Keep your floors in pristine condition with regular mopping and a good detergent.

4. Microfibre cloths

Much more efficient than your typical cleaning cloths, microfibre cloths are super absorbent and make for easy cleaning. You can use a dry or damp microfibre cloth for a lot of different cleaning tasks, like dusting surfaces, cleaning windows and mirrors, and shining stainless steel.

5. Cleaning wipes

Cleaning wipes make for easy and efficient cleaning. Whether you’re wiping down dirty blinds, toilet rims or even furniture, invest in cleaning wipes which will get the job done so much easier. Simply use your wipe once and then toss it and don’t worry about rinsing our nasty cloths.

6. A squeegee

Make cleaning windows and mirrors a breeze with a handy squeegee. A great tool for quickly wiping down those grimy windows in no time at all!

7. A vacuum cleaner

Who has time to sweep an entire house with an old-fashioned broom that will still get dust moving everywhere! A good quality vacuum cleaner will cut down your cleaning time and make for a cleaner, healthier home. Be sure to choose one with great sucking potential to eliminate dust fast and keep your home in tip top condition.

Invest in the best cleaning essentials and make your home a cleaner, happier space for the whole family. Numatic makes cleaning fun with a wide selection of superior vacuums for easy cleaning, every time!

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