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Nov 16, 2019

Numatic: 5 Places You’re Forgetting To Vacuum

Keep your living room in pristine condition and don’t forget about those hard to reach places when you clean up. Germs can easily go unnoticed if we forget to vacuum in those hidden spots around the living room. Here we share five places you’re probably forgetting to clean. Be sure to add these to your cleaning checklist this week!

1. In the crevices of your couch

When last did you give your couch a proper shake down? Whip out your handy vacuum cleaner and be sure to get the smaller attachment to fit into all those crevices around the seats and pillows. This is often the place where dust, crumbs, and tiny toys gather, so be sure to clean it out on a regular basis.

2. Under heavy furniture

Every now and then you should probably spend some time moving around those heavier furniture items and vacuum the floors underneath. You may need help moving the TV cabinet or console, or even a large sofa, but be sure to move things around and reach hidden dust and grime to keep your living room fresher for longer.

3. Under your area rugs

Rugs are a great way to add to the overall style of your room, but they can also attract dust. Be sure to shake out your rugs often and vacuum the floors underneath. You can also double up and vacuum both sides of a shaggy rug to ensure that you eliminate all dust!

4. Vacuum the skirting

Follow the edge of your skirting all the way around your living room. With a simple swipe of the vacuum, you can suck up unwanted dust and germs around the room’s edges and create a cleaner space in an instant.

5. Behind your wall art

Carefully remove all wall art or mounted decor from your walls. You may be surprised to find dust, cobwebs and more behind these objects, especially if you do not regularly clean in this space. Carefully vacuum up any obvious signs of dust and grime and be sure to wipe down the walls and actual art and frames before reinstalling in your space.

Next time you’re about to do a living room clean up, be sure to consider these five points and whip out your trusty vacuum to get the job done that much easier!

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