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Neolith Blends Seamlessly with Nature In The Garden at Casa Decor 2024

This year, Neolith welcomes visitors to Casa Decor 2024. Hand in hand with SUMMUMSTUDIO, the brand brings to life a spectacular outdoor space in the gardens of the Palacio de la Trinidad, titled “A Reflection of Who We Are,” which can be visited from April 11 to May 26, 2024, in the Salamanca neighbourhood of Madrid.


The visual power of this space is absolute. Natural plants, mirrors, and water merge with the beauty of Neolith’s sintered stone surfaces to express that nature is a reflection of who we are.

We step into an idyllic space. We feel the freshness of the atmosphere and the humidity, the scent of moist earth, and the sound of water flowing freely through the grooves of tree barks. Through its lush, deep, and leafy thickness, a multitude of rays intensely and effusively illuminate the scene, reflecting their light and inviting us to enjoy the moment. We blend in with the surroundings. Because nature, after all, is merely a reflection of who we are.

A Unique Experience through an Immersive Space.

With this disruptive and emphatic space, the old gardens of the mansion are transformed to be reborn in a natural environment where SUMMUMSTUDIO has sought to blend Neolith’s sintered stone surfaces with the surroundings. Visitors discover an astonishing corner, where light and water evoke the passage of time and remind us that nature is a reflection of who we are, as well as a constant source of inspiration.

The beauty of Neolith’s sintered stone contributes to the recreation of a calm and serene natural environment. SUMMUMSTUDIO also relies on lush natural plants and utilizes a play of mirrors to accentuate the feeling of connection with nature.

The dense forest floor is staged through the dark tones of Neolith’s Amazonico model sintered stone surfaces, gradually transitioning to lighter shades, a nod to the gradual luminosity emerging from the tree canopy. The ancient pond of the Palacio de la Trinidad gardens takes on a new majesty, clad in sintered stone in gray and light tones, featuring Neolith’s Layla model. A tribute to the water that Mother Nature provides us.

José María Gimeno, CEO and founder of SUMMUMSTUDIO, explains, “We have tried to capture the beauty of the natural environment through a mirrored skin, to project it inside.” “It is an installation turned into a metaphor. The aim has been to create an immersive experience where the visitor blends in with nature and connects with Neolith’s essence,” he adds.

Neolith for a New Era.

With this wellness space as a metaphor for a forest that connects nature directly with Neolith surfaces, titled “A Reflection of Who We Are” and designed by SUMMUMSTUDIO, Neolith showcases the firm’s commitment and total respect for the environment, thanks to the production of sintered stone surfaces created from nature.

From its inception, Neolith advocates for sustainable beauty in all its collections and positions itself as one of the most environmentally friendly architectural surfaces. The raw materials used in its composition are natural, and it has models containing up to 98% recycled materials. Neolith does not add quartz to its formulation, nor resins or plastics, and it is 100% recyclable.

Its production processes are also environmentally friendly, with all industrial water used being recycled, and 100% of the electrical energy used during the production process coming from renewable sources. The company also valorizes and recycles over 96% of the industrial waste generated, in addition to having achieved carbon neutrality for its main scopes.

In short, Neolith continues to reaffirm its commitment to sustainability and environmental care, and its space “A Reflection of Who We Are” for this year’s Casa Decor reinforces this stance, opting for an outdoor environment that welcomes visitors to this new edition of the fair in its most natural state, which can be visited until May 26 at 82 Francisco Silvela Street.

Contact: Neolith.

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