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My Secret Weapon For Air Purification At Home

There is no denying that we absolutely love candles – the scents, ambience and aroma it creates in the home is often unbeatable. I have been lighting candles in every room of the house for many years. I have made use of every variation I could get my hands on, from R100 to R1000. One would say that I am a candle addict.

However, over the past few years, I have come to the conclusion that, even though I love burning candles, I do not like burning money. My new friend on the block – and my secret weapon for changing the ambience at home – is none other than my faithful air purifier. I have had mine for about a year now and can’t see myself going without it. I’ve only replaced the essence twice and have come to love a fresher, brighter home.

This is my personal experience. and I know when to share some of my all-time favourite products with you, and my air purifier certainly ranks high on that list!

Goodbye lockdown air

During lockdown, with the entire family cramped up indoors, I certainly felt the need to make full use of an air purifier in my home. Not only has it given our home a sense of freshness and a clean, pure and inviting smell, but the great thing about the brand I am using is that it also eliminates older stale air… Be it from cooking fish, horrendous doggy smell after a walk and roll on the mountain, or the feel of dust in the air… If you are anything like me, then you’ll appreciate a space that feels great and smells fresh.


As such, I want to share a little bit about the benefits of a great purifier like PerfectAire and how it works.

With PerfectAire there is an inflow of impure, polluted air and an outflow of fresh, purified air. It rotates at 2900rpm to eliminate malodour, bacteria and viruses by scrubbing the air.

There are also a number of health benefits – some of which I have experienced myself! This includes eliminating odors and cigarette smoke as well as air-borne viruses and bacteria. Air purification can also help to aerate, refresh and humidify an air-conditioned space. In fact, PerfectAire cleanses an area up to 80 sq. meter effectively and revitalizes air in minutes.

You can also choose an essence that you love and infuse your home with a bright, happy scent. Scents like orange peel are uplifting, enhancing alertness and mental focus, and calming tired nerves. PerfectAire scents are 100 % botanical extracts. This means they are non toxic, nonpollutant, non-flammable, biodegrable and alcohol free.

For more visit PerfectAire.


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