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My Place by Advantage Air

Lights, air and action at the touch of a button?

Who wouldn’t want to control their home with a click or two?

Nowadays, this is completely possible with new-gen home automation technology that allows users to control their home’s lights, heating, security systems, sound systems and more remotely via a smartphone or computer.

Gone are the days of rushing home to check if you’ve turned off the geyser or outdoor lights – now you can simply check in on your house from far, far away and switch appliances and systems on and off as needed.

For the ultimate in smart home solutions, My Place by Advantage Air is the clever option.

My Place offers an intuitive Smart Home starter pack that allows you to take charge of your home in a fresh new way.

The reliable, premium-quality product allows users to remotely control up to six home systems, with the option to add more if need be.

“The smart home starter pack allows you to control six switching points of your choice, including light, automated blinds, gates, garage doors, pumps and geysers, temperature-control systems or any other electrical components in the home,” explains the company.

Using the My Place phone app, users can activate and deactivate systems on the go from any Apple or Android smart device. The app can be loaded onto multiple devices and will also send push notifications to your phone to remind you to close the garage door, for instance.

How much does all of this cost you ask? Well, you’d be surprised to find out that it’s not much more than the price of a new smart phone or television. So, do the smart thing and contact the team at My Place today to help you gain control of your home.


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