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Mambo’s: 5 Ways With Plastic Storage Containers

Need a quick fix for storing items around the house? Do we have the answer for you! Plastic storage containers are must-have items, that can be used to store everything from toiletries and pantry staples to seasonal decor, crafting goods, clothing and so much more!

Not all plastic storage containers are made equal. Today we are spoilt for choice with modern finishes and trendy colours to bring life and colour to your home. Check out some of these trendy plastic storage options from Mambos and read on for a few ways to use these in your own space…

Create a Make-Up Station

Small plastic compartments are perfect for accessories like make-up, brushes and facial products. These are also wonderful for keeping all your things organised and grouped into separate containers. Place them on an open shelf, or out of sight, in a drawer, for a more concealed and contemporary minimalist feel!

In the pantry

Modern pantries are all the rage! Beautifully displayed items and organised shelves are to be admired and we can’t get enough of it! Place plastic containers in the pantry to easily group pantry staples together and create a streamlined look. Things like spices and baking supplies can be neatly arranged with easy access when you need it most!

In the bathroom

Create a modern display of your essentials and favourite toiletries on an open shelf. Use trendy container trays to bring colour and a cohesive look to the space. Make it feel a little more spa-like by adding candles, greenery and a diffuser to set the tone here. See the image below for inspiration and choose containers in a colourway that ties into the overall look of your own bathroom!

In the living room

If you need a catch-all space for things your family uses every day, then tray-like containers are a wonderful option! Place one on a console or coffee table for mail, notes and more. Furthermore, you can also use it to place smaller items like those pesky TV remotes (and never lose them again)!


Toy Storage

When your home is filled with tiny hands and tiny feet, it usually means that it is also filled with toys! If you’re out of space and ideas to organise your child’s toys, why not invest in modern plastic containers that can safely house all of their favourite items? The below-pictured containers are super versatile and can be placed on open shelves for easy reach, or packed away entirely in a toy room or cupboard. A sleek design and contemporary colourway mean these won’t clash with your overall aesthetic either!

Don’t wait for clutter to take over your home. Instead, rather invest in a striking range of modern plastic containers to make organisation a part and parcel of your life!

Visit Mambos to get your hands on these beauties!


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