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Lumpa (Design horoscopes)

Wondering what the stars have in line for you this year?

Well, when it comes to your destiny (design-wise, at least), we can help.

Italian astrologist Lumpa created a 2024 horoscope for Wallpaper, highlighting key happenings and designs for each star sign.

Read on to find out how the stars influence your life and decor choices in 2024.


Life: A very important and beautiful year is about to begin for Aries. The year will be defined by a great life change and the beginning of a new cycle of luck. In 2024, you are going to consolidate a new step – it could be a new life, a new career, an important family event, or something in your private sphere.

Design: Aries enjoy bold and colourful pieces – sometimes their choices can be playful like the Tahiti Table Lamp by Ettore Sottsass for Memphis Milano.


Life: Many Taureans will feel that just making it to 2024 is an achievement. Recent years have been difficult on many fronts: at work, as a couple, even in health. The new year ushers in greater strength, physical health and even a bit of luck: the recovery begins. However, there are also changes to be made; in work, it is necessary to take a new direction and leave your comfort zone, something that is always a little difficult at first, but which will then succeed well.

Design: When it comes to interior design, Taureans are big spenders. Always enjoying the most expensive pieces, their style is very classy and sober. Gio Ponti’s classic designs, such as the D.154.2 chairs by Molteni & C, feel like a natural fit for this discerning star sign.


Life 2024 will be a memorable year for Geminis, mostly a lucky year, but not entirely easy to manage. This year’s events are somehow related to what happened in 2016/17, two critical years. However, there is also good news: the changes brought by Saturn can prove difficult to live with, but positive for your career, and indicate the moment in which you can make a real leap forward.

Design Geminis discover new trends and embrace new concepts before everyone else: they fall in love with ideas and stories and their style is in constant evolution. Among the past year’s design innovations that they would love is Samuel Ross’ bathroom faucet evolution for Kohler.


Life: The beginning of the year might not seem exciting, just as the arrival of the previous autumn was already stressful. 2024, however, is a lucky year, even very lucky for some Cancerians. For many it is the beginning of a new life – perhaps they have changed jobs, cities, or have become parents (or are about to!). This is a very eventful year, in which there will be a lot of work and a lot of positive feedback.

Design: Cancerians love their homes; they’re the couch potatoes of the zodiac and surround themselves with cosy and comfortable pieces such as the ultra-cool blankets by Lanerossi and Milan Triennale – a perfect mix of craft, culture and comfort.


Life: Leos will find that the future is easier to manage compared to the past couple of years. People of this sign have matured a lot, thanks to complex events and situations that have undermined much of their proverbial personal security. 2024 brings a comeback, but there are still issues to settle and unexpected events.

Design: Leos love to show off. They are allergic to mediocrity and choose objects and furniture that express their sense of grandeur. One of modern design’s most impressive pieces, the Albero bookcase is both ingenious and sophisticated, making it the perfect choice for this star sign.


Life: 2023 was a tough year for many Virgos. 2024 is less belligerent and less tiring, but there will still be things to manage. There is a big change that must be faced to regain serenity. It is most likely to do with work. The advice is not to wait until you are at your limit to abandon a suffocating situation.

Design: Virgos do a lot of thinking and rethinking before buying. They hate aesthetic arrogance and prefer a minimalist style. Their love for all things vintage makes the Ikea ‘MTP DL’ cabinet in Natural Oak designed by Marian Grabinski a must-have for them.


Life: In late 2023, Librans entered a new cycle of life; they had new goals, new allies and newfound mental independence, and getting to this point wasn’t easy (in many cases, relationships ended with suffering). 2024 is a carte blanche on which to begin reimagining your life. There will be new partnerships, in work, in love and the world of friendships.

Design: Librans are known for their good taste in design, leaning towards sophisticated minimalism, and enjoy unique pieces known only to the few such as a vintage, hand-carved leather-and-nickel chess set by Carl Auböck.


Life: 2024 is the year when you feel more spirited, and eager to show the world that difficulties stimulate you rather than take you down. There is a healthy desire to want more: more money, more love, more success – and you’ll begin to see the results.

Design: Scorpios love secrets and mysterious objects. Their taste can have an erotic touch because they love to play with taboos. Fornasetti’s expansive collection of ornate ceramics is their cup of tea, especially the designs at the more humorously kinky end of the spectrum.


Life: 2023 was a tiring year and Sagittarians will be hoping that 2024 helps them regain confidence. The year ahead will certainly be better, with less tiredness and fewer conflicts. Other problems can come from the economic sphere; it would be better not to spend too much and to take good care of your accounts. 

Design: Sagittarians don’t think twice when it comes to buying, and they’re heavy decorators. They enjoy dreamy objects with a history and shy away from minimalism. A vintage Moroccan rug with an abstract Berber design is sure to be a showstopper in their home.


Life: 2024 for Capricorns begins with great determination; there is a desire to do things and new projects are starting. A beautiful year begins with positive surprises and general growth; it’s a good year for finances and loved ones. 

Design: Extreme functionalism is key for Capricorns, who prefer old-school objects. The contemporary Fluance RT81+ Elite High Fidelity Turntable is the perfect match for them, utilitarian and nostalgic.


Life: Aquarians leave behind some difficult years, which have made them mature and acquire wisdom. There is the possibility of new loves, and those who find themselves in bad or unclear relationships will find the possibility of ‘jumping on a better train’. Finances will also be positively affected by this change in attitude.

Design: Aquarians avoid the mainstream – they’re the non-conformists of the zodiac. They enjoy concepts more than aesthetics and fall in love with designs with a twist – like the Halo Edition lamp by Mandalaki Studio that adds a mysterious glow to a room.


Life: Everything that could have gone into crisis did so in 2023, a truly difficult year for Pisceans. 2024 will not reverse the situation 180 degrees, but it will be less trying on a psychophysical level. The problems that emerged in 2023 now need to be resolved. The first thing is to stop taking on other people’s problems and emotions and put yourself first. Another important thing will be to ask for clarity and to always tell the truth; be transparent. 

Design: Pisceans have a particular sensitivity to beauty. They are very visual and imaginative and feel the energy of spaces and objects. Sabine Marcelis’ pastel resin and marble coffee table from the Stacked collection contributes to the soft atmosphere of their ideal interiors.

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