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Aug 24, 2019

Keep Your Building Projects Current With These Face Brick Design Trends

Image: Dekoration.de

Feel like you’ve exhausted all your design ideas and need a little inspiration to help your next face brick building project stand out? We have a few fresh and fun ideas that are sure to get rid of that creative clog!

Get ready to unleash your imagination with these hip and happening face brick design trends.

Angled Face Brick Panels

Image courtesy of Ben Johnson

There are loads of interesting techniques to draw attention to the areas of your building that you want people to notice. One such technique, which is being used in contemporary design, involves the use of angled face brick panels. Angled sections tend to lead the eye in to focus on the point at which the panel is intersected. So, make sure you place your favourite design feature at this point.

Concrete And Face Brick

Image: homeideasblog.net

Contrast is an age-old technique that has been used to add depth and visual interest to designs across the globe. And it’s great to see current face brick design trends using this technique to create striking and distinguishable buildings with the pairing of concrete and face brick. With both colours and textures being so different, this mix of materials is highly effective in capturing the attention of onlookers and creating a little intrigue.

Purposefully Peeled Plaster

Image: digsdigs.com

Following the trend of exposed face brick walls, the idea of peeling back plaster in decorative ways to reveal sections of face brick wall beneath has gained traction. This trend is one you can have lots of fun with, especially if you’re artistically inclined. We love the fact that you don’t need a big budget or much skill to implement this!

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