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Kare Design: Top Interior Trends for Spring

Spring is in the air and the flowers are blooming. Inside, we’re inviting a burst of colourful interior trends to bring fresh, Spring appeal into our homes. It’s time to infuse your space with the vibrancy and today Kare Design is showing us how to get it done. Discover their new arrivals and home decor ideas to welcome the season into your home.

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From vibrant flower vases and wall art to swivel coffee tables with flair. It’s time to elevate your space for the summer months ahead.

Ceramic Decor Vases and Jars

Enhance your spring home with large vases and jars. Display these beauties on tables, shelves, or windowsills for instant seasonal charm.

Frida Kahlo Inspired Decor

Express your personality with Frida Kahlo art and decor. The captivating deco Vase Muse mixes boho style, surrealism, and folklore, echoing the iconic artist’s spirit.

Glass Vase Inspiration

Coloured glass vases are the artistic touch your decor craves. Their radiant hues and the way they dance with light adds an enchanting touch to your living spaces. Kare Design’s Brillar Vases feature unique patterns, classic black and white hues, and premium glass craftsmanship. Their size also makes them ideal for visually stunning group displays, enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Glass Wall Art

Transform your walls with breathtaking glass wall art. Their brilliant colours and luminous beauty captivate, making it a unique and stunning addition to your summer space.

Abstract Wall Art

When bringing abstract art into your space, choose artwork that resonates emotionally. Make sure it fits your style in terms of colours and the overall vibe. Finally, find the right spot for it to shine.

Trending: Rabbit Themed Decor

2023 is dedicated to the Rabbit, and we think these cute little jumpers deserve a permanent home in our own four walls.

Need more rabbit-themed decorating inspiration? Hop over to this trend feature on the blog here: Marcia Loves It!

Round Coffee Tables

It’s time for a Barbiecore takeover! Add a playful, vivacious touch to your space with eccentric furnishings like our ice cream glass coffee table in trendy pink.

Wood Coffee Tables

Bringing a touch of nature into your home is effortless with the Tear Drops Walnut Coffee Table. Its organic texture and earthy tones infuse warmth and natural charm into your spring decor.

With so much to choose from, you can give your Spring interior a fresh and modern new look. Visit Kare Design for inspiration.

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