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Kare Design: At Home with CEO Jürgen Reiter

The Co-Founder and CEO of KARE, Jürgen Reiter, invites us to visit. On the occasion of the company’s 40th anniversary, the Munich resident opens his doors to his realm full of art and found objects with history. He tells us what matters when it comes to furnishing, where his favourite decorative pieces come from, and shows us where he can best relax and be inspired.

“The common thread in my flat is a lot memorabilia, From many trips – there were times when I was on the road 200 days a year.“



“Because the flat carries so much memory, it’s like a nest. It’s not a show piece, it’s my home and where my soul lives.” The chief designer shows us his colourful flat in an old building in Munich’s Lehel district. It is his retreat, with plenty of space for inspiration. Here we find souvenirs from all over the world, art and comics, as well as classics with history.


“An object must tell a story and not necessarily fit universally”. This quote sums up Jürgen Reiter’s style. All his furniture and decorative pieces are not only designed to fit together, but also to look special.


“Less is more? Life is too short for minimalism. More is more, and in decorating anyway.” Here you can discover Jürgen Reiter’s favourites in furniture, lighting and accessories.

“We often find sensational objects and then we choose concepts that match them and build the room around them.”- Jürgen Reiter, CEO Kare Design




Find some of his favourites beautifully curated at Kare Design.

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  1. Johann De Waal

    January 17, 2022

    What an amazing baroque style home! I’m sure each item has a wonderful and unique story to tell.


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