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Jan 16, 2020

Kare Design: 3 Easy Ways to Embrace Blue At Home

Blue is the perfect colour of serenity and character in the home. Here we share just three easy ways to implement this beautiful tone into your everyday space, without it overwhelming your residence. Shop the latest on-trend colour palette of unique furniture and decor in your favourite shades at Kare Design.

Less is More

When it comes to a striking colour like blue, and especially darker shades of this colour, then less is certainly more. Whether you opt for a feature wall in a deep, dramatic navy blue, or a statement piece of furniture such as a bold cabinet or table in a pop of blue – stick to a key item that will give your space the personality it deserves. Blue is gorgeous, but too much of a good thing can overwhelm the senses, so pick your shade of blue carefully and consider the colour wheel to select complementary tones to suit your space.

Textured Blue Adds Depth

Bring in a wonderful textural element to your home with blue in a variety of textures. As an accent colour in the bedroom, for example, you could splurge on beautiful plush bedding, scatters or drapes in your favourite blue tones for added texture and depth. In the living room, we’re loving a coastal inspired style with upholstered blue seating for a bold look.

Think outside of the box

With so many shades of blue available today, why not paint something unconventional in this shade and experiment with colour to add vibrancy to your home. A cool blue ceiling could give a room a pop of interest, while dark blue trim may create a bold look. A beautiful blue front door could add curb appeal, but then again, simple blue accent pieces in the living room, could help create a calming space. Play around with options and create a truly inspired space.

Keep it cool, calm and blue in 2020 and shop the look at Kare Design.

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