Interior design tips for small spaces

Do you have a home that offers little in terms of usable living space? If that is the case and you worry that you can’t really do with it, then you can use a few good pointers to make it work. The following tips from Design & Decor Lab will give you the information you need to make things work out in the long run, as well as taking advantage of any space you have at this time:


  • Start the job by focusing on a good amount of neutral colors for you rooms, making the design effort to work on this in such a manner as to make it more welcoming and easy on the eye. There is a good reason why this is important, as the lighter colors of that time will allow us to mirror the outdoors more closely and to make your rooms appear warmer and more pleasant.
  • You may also make use of a great many items to make your place look far less monotonous. The most important part of the job is ensuring you have it working on more than one purpose, meaning more than simply decorations but also a more rational and practical side as well. Table lamps as well as other objects you can make use of in the design as solutions will need to be portable or at least unobtrusive due to the limited space available to work with. When it comes to lighting you will be better served to make use of wall sconces and other similar light sources that will not get in the way as you move forward with the rest of the project or your daily activities.
  • As we are indeed dealing with limited space, you will need to find solutions that work better and with a single purpose in mind – saving space. Custom furniture can be a great way to make use of any and all space you have around your home, but it will also be a great design solution for odd room shapes and decorations. Make sure you keep to a multifunctional interior design solution for small apartments and homes at all times. You should also consider the value of custom blinds and custom curtains, as they may be much easier to fit in, as well as when you have to deal with house cleaning. You should make sure you avoid using coffee tables, as they will usually take up a good amount of space you could otherwise make use of for a number of reasons. Unless said coffee table is a foldable one, you should stay away from it entirely, allowing you to manage whatever floor space you have far better.
  • If your rooms allow it, you can work on dealing with your walls to widen your space. You can do that in a number of ways that don’t really damage the place structurally, but making use of mirrors is one of the easiest.
  • Storage will need to become a real part of the interior design solution and also a practical side of the project in terms of design. To solve the issue you will need to have a simple solution such as storage ottomans. They are small, portable and easy to use, plus you can simply put them in a corner when you really don’t need them. With some smart storage you will have a much easier time dealing with carpet cleaning as well as upholstery cleaning. This will allow you to take care of everything without having to count on professional cleaning company help.

Guest Blog written By Ella Andrews



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