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Mar 2, 2020

How to Expose Brick Walls in Your Home in Three Simple Steps.

An exposed brick wall has become a favourite feature in contemporary interior design and adds a charming, rustic yet sophisticated feel to any home. If you’re living in an older home and would like to enhance its historic character whilst still keeping up with the current design trends, then it may be worth chipping away the plaster and restoring your home to its former glory.


Before you begin, make sure you realise that exposing brick poses risks which may include potential structural damage. We recommend you chip away the plaster on a small section of a wall in your home first to see the quality of the face brick that lies underneath. If you are still uncertain, seek a building expert for further advice.




Using a hammer and masonry chisel, start by chipping away at the bulk of the plaster on your desired wall. You may need to pry off clinging sections with a crowbar or putty knife. For a super rustic appearance, you may stop after this step and create a shabby-chic wall feature such as the ones depicted below.



Scrub the freshly chiseled wall with a wire brush, loosening any remaining debris, and then apply a sugar soap solution to the surface and wipe it clean. For more detailed instructions on how to thoroughly clean clay face brick, visit the downloads page on the Corobrik website.



Roll on a sealant to protect the exposed brick

If you love the look but don’t want to go to the effort of exposing an entire wall in your home, why not look for smaller features that you can expose such as pillars or archways?

If you’re renovating or designing your home from scratch, leave clay face brick in its natural form when building to achieve a similar “exposed brick” look such as this rustic face brick hallway. Explore Corobrik’s extensive and versatile clay face brick range online or visit your nearest Corobrik centre and chat with one of the sales consultants to get a quote for your next building project.

Would you be bold and choose to expose an entire wall in your home, or take the safe and subtle approach and just expose a small section of it? Tell us in the comments section below.






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