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House Tour: Step Inside An Artist’s Colourful Home

Art brings a space to life with texture, colour and pattern. This could not be more true for the artist herself. Step inside the colourful abode of artist Angela Chrusciaki Blehm where a five-bedroom family home becomes a feast of colour.

Angela is a world-class contemporary pop artist based in Georgia, USA. Her colourful, whimsy assemblages and paintings explore traditional and stereotypical female roles through pattern manipulation and experimentation with scale.

Her unique style certainly breaks the mould but you wouldn’t necessarily know this by looking at the outside of her home. The exterior blends in with the surroundings, but there are outdoor hints that things might be more playful inside. In an interview, Angela explained: “Like our stripe awnings and stripe ceiling on our side entry porch.” But one step inside Blehm’s home and you are instantly transported to the set of Alice in Wonderland with large-scale art, mood-enhancing vibrant hues, prints on prints, and titillating texture.

An Antidote to Life

As with her art, Angela chases colour as an antidote to life in her pursuit of happiness. In fact, her love of colour is rooted in playfulness and joy and finding a way to mix them up for an ultimate visual delight.

It’s not often you see a home packed with so much visual food but for Blehm, color has also served as a form of healing. After a period of depression, the visual artist wanted her surroundings to “spark delight and wonder.”

If you’ve never experimented with colour at home, or you’re intimidated by it, take a hue from Blehm’s paint palette. “I urge people to indulge their favourite colour whether it’s on-trend or not,” she encourages. “No colour is off limits and can look fresh in the right application.”

The secret according to Blehm is to balance a lot of colour with a grounding colour—something that works as a neutral whether it is or not. Think black, gray, and white or red, burgundy, and mint. Also, layers of one colour add dimension—like burgundy, red, and pink, she says.



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