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House Tour: Beachside Charm with a Mexican Twist

Designer Mónica Calderón and architect Ezequiel Farca relocated to Santa Monica from Mexico City 13 years ago, drawn by the allure of the beach. Opting to preserve a 1940s house, they harmonized Spanish and Mexican design elements while incorporating a modern twist.

Their renovation, expedited by their children’s departure for college, entailed bold choices such as painting the house black, creating a striking contrast with the verdant surroundings. The home fosters a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors, achieved by eliminating barriers.

The couple’s philosophy of encouraging clients to explore contrasts translated into their personal residence, where they embraced this ethos wholeheartedly. The most daring decision, painting the house black, paid off by juxtaposing against the typical pastel shades of Santa Monica homes.

The interiors were opened up to create a flow that mirrors the surrounding landscape’s transition from black to green. The home’s design was a meticulous process that prioritized cohesion among all elements. Calderón’s careful curation of furniture and art, primarily sourced from Mexico, champions their commitment to Mexican craftsmanship and cultural representation.

Amid the art and furnishings, the cultural narrative weaved into the home’s fabric is what truly imbues it with vitality. Each space tells a distinct tale, yet collectively they share a profound connection. This culmination of effort and passion resonates throughout the house, reflecting an exceptional harmony of diverse influences.

In the end, the Santa Monica home designed by Mónica Calderón and Ezequiel Farca is a stunning fusion of Spanish and Mexican architectural influences with a contemporary edge. The couple’s decision to preserve the older house showcases their commitment to cultural heritage and history. With bold design choices like black exteriors and open spaces, the home effortlessly connects indoor and outdoor realms. It offers a narrative-rich living space that embodies love, artistry, and cross-cultural appreciation.



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