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Here They Are: Plascon’s 2019 Trends

Brainstorms, brush-outs, samples, tester pots, photoshoots, mood boards,  late nights and more. After months of research and trend analyses, the wait for colour connoisseurs and paint enthusiasts is over as Plascon reveals their 2019 colour trends and how they’ll make all the difference in the built environment.

Teaming up with trend authorities with research obtained from around the world, each year Plascon collaboratively decodes current social and lifestyle insights into projected colour, décor and design trends.

Plascon’s Head of Decorative Marketing, Katlego Kondlo says, “Our 2019 Colour Forecast speaks to current global societal needs. This year reveals six social moods from which we have formulated four unique colour stories that reflect them.”

What are the trend drivers?

In a rapidly evolving and increasingly chaotic world, uncertainty is propelling people to look inward and create personal spaces where they feel safe and secure. Katlego says, “This brings us to cocooning as one of our trend drivers. Our homes are becoming more social as we once again invite people into our personal space to socialise and entertain.”

The 2019 Colour Forecast’s Glamour story suggests combining gentle lilac Candy Tuft (P3-B2-1) with grounding colours such as Oyster Catcher (Y2-B2-3) or Evening Glade (G3-E2-2) to create a stylish sanctuary in your home.

Pops of colour through freshly green Granny Apple (G2-A1-1), aqua Mermaid Jewel (G7-B1-3) or dramatic Groovy Grape (R1-B1-1) for accent or features will add a gratifyingly opulent quality.

The forecast’s dramatic Luxury story also speaks to this natural trend with colours such as Ravine (62), Plascon’s Neutral of the Year, and Berry Good (P1-A2-3) working well with Black Bean (71) and Beeswax Candle (Y1-B1-1), for a look that takes us back to a slower pace where old world values take centre stage.

Katlego adds, “Plascon’s Cashmere is the ultimate interior paint that will give you a luxurious finish that not only  brings the colour to life but also creates that cocoon-like feeling.”

With more people living in cities and towns to get closer to employment and other economic opportunities, urbanisation is also a key driver in how people utilise their space. Katlego comments, “Living in urban areas means we live in smaller spaces and this is driving people to embrace smaller homes that are functionally designed to do more with less.”

The Colour Forecast’s Urban colour story speaks to the ultimate urban home, edited with clean lines and no clutter. Cementitious Silver (38) and gritty Bovine (47) are the neutrals which are brought to life with rich blues, reds and yellows such as Pristine Blue (B4-A1-1), Red Flame (R7-A1-1) and Yellow Jubilee (Y2-A1-1).

Digitally connected and social, everything these days is done for ‘likes’ so individualisation and the way we portray ourselves on digital platforms is increasingly important. Central to this is how our homes look to our peers. Younger people especially are more willing to embrace expressive and eye-catching designs that pop on the digital stage and purvey their sense of individuality.

Urban’s colours work well to this end as does the Minimal colour story which features futuristic neutrals such as Daiquiri Cream (G4-B2-3) and Meadow Yellow (Y4-A2-2). Teamed up with refined shades such as Atlantic Ocean (B2-C1-1) or sensorial Night’s Cloak (P1-C1-1) we have an upbeat colour story that provides warmth in the
absence of ‘stuff’.

Emotional intelligence and mindfulness have also come to the fore with conscious consumerism in contrast to the ‘stuffocation’ of days gone by. With uplifting saturated hues like Lemon Rind (Y4-A1-3) for focus and rich rewarding Go Go Red (R4-A1-1) for energy, Minimal’s colour story appeals to the person who likes uncluttered, uplifting modern spaces that also allows pause for thought.

In a globally connected world where just about anything from anywhere can be bought or read online, cultural influences are varied and at our fingertips. All four of the Plascon Colour Forecast’s colour stories speak to this trend and provide colours and a way for people to design with their heads and hearts to ensure they have a living space where they can live their best life.

Katlego concludes, “In this uncertain world, creating a beautiful home where we feel confident, happy and loved is one of the few things we have control over. Using the Plascon Colour Forecast 2019 and choosing one of our premium quality paint products, it’s easier than ever to do this. So, the only thing left to think about now is: What’s your colour story?”

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