Go Glam with Our Top 10 Mirrors

We’re swooning over the following breathtaking mirrors from Jonathan Adler . These are among our favourite finds of the season and we love how each piece brings with it its own unique flair to inspire your distinct style. Here we share some top tips to decorating with mirrors!

Mirrors are a stroke of genius in interior design and offer so many benefits to any room layout. Follow these top tips and be inspired by the top 10 mirrors:

  • Create an illusion of space with a mirror. Mirrors have a magical way of expanding a small room by reflecting space and creating the idea of flow, light and airiness.
  • Add drama to your favourite room with a stylish mirror. A gorgeous frame can enhance any space, adding glamour and boldness to your space.
  • Finish off a look by adding a mirror to a room. A mirror can work to completely transform a space and help complete your desired style.
  • Mirrors are also wonderful for reflecting light. Add a strategically placed mirror to reflect the light from outdoors in and instantly brighten up your room.
  • Besides being a very functional item, mirrors are also visually stimulating. Choosing a style that you love can add flair to your space.

Be inspired by these modern designs:

Contact:  Jonathan Adler

Shop were the industry shops www.sadecor.co.za


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