The Four Seasons of Neolith

Neolith embodies the spirit of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at the Masters of LXRY, held in Amsterdam at the end of 2018.

From 6 to 10 December 2018, Neolith, in collaboration with Dutch specialists, Stone & Skills, participated in Masters of LXRY. The premium lifestyle trade show, which brings together segments of luxury design, fashion, gastronomy, jewellery and many other sectors, ws held at Rai Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The exhibition, created in association with the distributor of Neolith in the Netherlands, Michel Oprey & Beisterveld, was specifically designed to demonstrate the potential of the fabrication possibilities of Neolith sintered stone, not only as a functional article, but also as a decorative and artistic feature.

Visitors entered into a visual feast, with plenty of examples of Stone & Skills’ amazing abilities to fabricate the most detailed shapes using Neolith. A focal point was the tree decorated with intricately cut leaves, designed to emphasise the seasonal cycle, flowing into a cascade of autumn foliage created using colours from Neolith’s Iron collection.

Under the theme “Four Seasons”, inspired by the famous composer Vivaldi, the stand included Neolith musical instruments, waterfalls, leaves and other works of art.

All four sections of the stand embodied the spirit of spring, summer, autumn and winter, with each Neolith colour and pattern carefully selected to evoke the moods associated with each.

The striking sculptures were made with several Neolith colours such as Zaha Stone , Nero Marquina , Calatorao , Calacatta Gold , as well as with the colours of the Colorfeel and Iron collections. The versatility of the Neolith surface and its multiple applications have helped to create an individual and exceptional stand that definitely captivated the Masters of LXRY visitors.

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