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Dulux: Unpacking How Colour Can Play A Role In Your Overall Mind State

Over the past two months, many of us have spent more time in our homes than ever before. This has opened our eyes to various things that we’d like to change in our homes and revealed some elements that we’ve grown to love or found a new purpose for.

This need to refresh elements in our home is about more than merely updating a space – it’s about how it makes you feel. It could be the look of that freshly organised kitchen or a certain paint shade that just lifts your mood. And while some may shrug at the notion, in 1976, Rikard Kuller uncovered that colours affect the outer layer of the brain as well as the entire central nervous system, proving there is actual science behind how colour can play a role on your mind state, and why you might be yearning for a fresh shade of blue in your life.

Dulux South Africa Colour Expert, Palesa Ramaisa, takes a closer look at how colour can impact your state of mind.

Blue gets a new rep

Have you ever experienced a feeling of sudden serenity when surrounded by shades of blue? Well, according to the experiments of American colourist, Faber Birren, blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body, and has been shown to help balance hormones, lower breathing rates, slow down the metabolism, and reduce blood pressure.

Palesa recommends starting your day in a room filled with soft shades of tranquil blue like powder or sky blue because it’s easy on the eye and can help bring you the inner peace.

If you’re looking for a bit of variety, the beautiful colours that hover between blue and green have long been valued for their special qualities. Turquoise, a gem which combines blue and green with a touch of yellow, was believed by the ancient Persians to ward off the evil eye. They wore the blue-green stones as a protective charm.

“Teal, a mixture of blue, green and a touch of grey, is simply a darker shade of turquoise. Both teal and turquoise radiate the peace, calm and tranquility of blue and the balance and growth of green. Consider using turquoise in the bedroom to create a sweet feminine feel, while darker teal shades add lively sophistication to living rooms and hallways.”

Creating your very own green room

The close link between pale soft greens and nature means the colour is often perceived as a soothing shade that helps to alleviate stress and aid negative feelings. But green has also been said to promote concentration. Ever wondered why TV studios have a ‘green room’, where performers can retreat to relax before their next appearance? In fact, if you take notice, green is a popular colour choice for spaces where people benefit from mental clarity, such as conference rooms and classrooms.

Palesa recommends that you consider using green in your home in areas where a calm, focused mind is needed, like the study.

“Perhaps pale sea green walls in your home office might inspire your next stroke of genius. If you are using a dual space like a common area nook or guest room, neutrals are still the best shades that one can opt for. For those craving colour on a budget, adding pops of colour in a shared space by use of a pillow on your chair, an interesting rug, or candle on your desk will still provide the colour benefit,” she adds.

Looking for a boost?

While some find pleasure in colours that wind the mind down, many are interested in shades that could help stimulate the mind or boost creativity. If you are after an edge, orange is a power colour to be reckoned with. Some theorists maintain that when you’re in the presence of orange, you increase the oxygen supply to the brain, which stimulates mental activity. It’s also thought to encourage sociability, by energising people and lessening their inhibitions.

“If bold orange walls aren’t your thing, subtle colour is just as successful in creating a stimulating, sociable environment. You could try soft, earthy hues like nectarine, coral, orange rose, sunset, rust and saffron. Work them into a study and you might just give yourself the mental edge,” she concludes.

No matter your needs there’s a perfect colour to help you unleash your best self.


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