Dulux Launches Its Gentle Moods Colour Collection

Your home is your place of comfort, an escape of peace and relaxation, which makes it ever so important that you create a soothing environment that will help you forget about your long stressful days. And while your environment plays a major role on your state of mind and general well-being, aiming to create an ambience that exudes comfort, tranquillity and serenity should be top of mind.

Using the right colours can completely transform your space and bring a sense of novelty into your home, they can also have a great impact on your state of mind. In order to achieve the best results, you should consider gentle and neutral palettes that will help you create an environment of peace and elegance, especially in spaces where you spend most of your time relaxing like your bedroom and living area.

Dulux has launched a new colour collection to compliment and create soothing spaces this autumn

Explore the Gentle Moods collection from Dulux, suitable for interior walls such as bedrooms and living rooms. This could be your essential step to creating a calmer and more relaxed lifestyle. The collection features eight soft pastel hues to give your home a feeling of tranquillity and harmony.

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