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Oct 12, 2022

Distinctive Spaces: Your Guide To Decorating with Faux Plants

Even top international designers rely on the beauty of faux plants when decorating designer homes! And you should too! If you need help understanding what to look for, we’ve got you covered with these top styling tips and great choices from Distinctive Spaces.

What’s the first step to choosing faux plants?

‘Fake’ is not a great word unless it serves a purpose and does a good job of imitating the real thing! The same is true for faux or fake plants. In a fake plant, be sure to choose one that is as real as it gets. In order to check this, be sure to have a look at the trunk and stems. Check out the leaves too. Do they look natural enough to convince you that they could ‘fake it’ for the real thing? If so, then this is probably a good choice.

In the same manner, avoid poor-quality faux plants that look fake. This will not add to your indoor-nature vibes. In fact, it may detract from the overall theme of tranquillity and happiness in a room.

When in doubt, go for greenery

Many faux flower options fall short when comparing them to the real version. This is because flowers out in nature are extremely delicate and filled with amazing details that are hard to replicate in faux materials. If in doubt, rather choose fake greenery as an option for your interior decor. Whether in large pots or smaller varieties, greenery often has a more organic look than many faux flowers.

Revamp, update and decorate seasonally

The beauty of decorating with faux plants is that you can simply pack them away when you need to refresh your space. You won’t need to worry about constant attention, watering or even if your plant has enough natural light to grow. This is great news for homeowners looking for low-maintenance options that you can also swap out seasonally as you see fit.

Even dark spaces need an organic touch

It’s really hard to brighten up a dark room, such as a basement or passage. Typically, real plants may struggle to grow in such spaces where natural lighting is limited. This is another benefit of decorating with faux plants. They won’t judge you, won’t turn on you and whither and will do just fine, even in the darkest space. This is also a great way to add a pop of texture and colour to a dark room!

All the rules apply

Whether you’re decorating with real plants or faux plants, the same rules apply. Play around with size, shape and height to make the most of your choice. Taller options in pots make for great statement decor pieces placed on a floor, and will add height to a room. Smaller choices can be placed on consoles, tables and even windowsills. We also love the option of creating faux plant vertical walls for added dimension in a space. This can serve as a beautiful feature in any room – inside and out!

Give it some attention

Just because a plant is fake, doesn’t mean you should just leave it be. Why not pretty it up with a beautiful pot in a colour to suit your interior? You could even use real dirt, moss or wood chips to enhance the look. More importantly, remember to keep your plants clean. A good dust every so often may subsequently keep up the illusion of your plants being real.

Every few weeks, give your plants a look over and help keep artificial plants vibrant by doing an occasion microfiber cloth wipe-down. This will help them stay in the best condition for years to come!

Always choose quality

We can’t emphasize this enough. Quality faux plants make all the difference. If you’re not sure where to find these, we can definitely recommend Distinctive Spaces. As a premium brand, you can rest assured that you’ll find quality products to spruce up your interior in no time at all! Distinctive Spaces puts the “wow!’ factor into everything they do. They take the design elements of your building into account and transform your surroundings into a powerful yet harmonious and balanced environment, creating an ambience with impact!

Shop the look at Distinctive Spaces.

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