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Discover the Boheme style: Bridging Indoor and Outdoor Living with Leroy Merlin

Embrace the Boheme style, the ultimate fusion of style for both your indoor and outdoor living spaces, perfect for those who cherish a relaxed and carefree lifestyle. 

South Africa’s enduring summers encourage us to spend more time outdoors, making the Boheme style a natural choice. Seamlessly blending modern design, the Boheme style transports you to sun-soaked paradises – think white-sand dunes, turquoise oceans, and thatched cabanas – all within your reach. This is where rustic charm meets cosmopolitan flair, and it’s yours to explore at Leroy Merlin.

Discover a range of Boheme style products and more at Leroy Merlin.

Unwind and Lounge:

Embracing the Boheme style invites you to step away from streamlined and straight-backed furniture. Instead, opt for furnishings that exude an inviting “enter and stay awhile” atmosphere. Think chaise lounge, hammocks, hanging chairs, and daybeds.

Crafted details:

At the core of this style, you’ll find jute fabrics, wooden accents, and a firm focus on abundant greenery. The Boheme style’s warm and inviting ambiance extends to its home furnishings. Delicate, hand-crafted details like fringe, crochet, macrame and embroidery are seamlessly integrated into the fabrics of these cozy spaces while decorative accessories such as vases and candles take on organic forms to reflect a sense of softness and freedom.

Natural Light:

It’s more than just providing functional lighting; it’s a fundamental part of the decor. Bohemian lighting fixtures typically showcase intricate and artistic designs that create patterns and shapes, adding to the overall ambiance of the room. Alongside the signature lanterns and candles, explore our exquisitely crafted Rattan Pendants. They are a defining feature of the Boheme style, meticulously handwoven by skilled local artisans and offered in various sizes, many also available in solar options.

Natural Hues & Textures:

Embracing one of the prominent colour styles, which involves infusing earthy tones into the palette, sets the stage for a calm and relaxing atmosphere. To infuse an extra touch of energy and vibrancy into your space, consider introducing rust, creams and mustard, into your cushions and throws. Floral patterns, free-form geometric designs, and stripes artfully blend into your decor to produce an eclectic aesthetic. You can achieve the vibe by incorporating striking patterned or palm printed wallpaper as a backdrop, combining it with modern Boho furniture, indoor greenery, and stylish organic planters for an instant nod to boho chic.

The Boheme style effortlessly blends a diverse array of colours, patterns, and textures, allowing you to create a style that truly reflects your individuality. Get ready to embrace the Boho style, where style meets adventure in your own home.

Discover a range of Boheme style products and more at Leroy Merlin.

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