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Creating the Perfect August Ambience

Think back to your most memorable dining experience. An immersive dinner with just the right table settings, a hotel with the most exceptional crockery, perhaps a bar with featherlight glasses, the ones that made an impression almost as significant as the velvety texture of the Cabernet.

Maybe you found the cutlery on your flight to be exceptionally refined or the table settings at your most recent dinner party to be particularly opulent.

It’s a particular feeling, something profoundly intangible and difficult to describe. The very essence of a place or moment in time.

That is exactly where Ambience Hospitality comes in. It’s not only who we are, but rather the atmospheric quality that they CREATE.

Looking for the right tableware for your 5-star hotel? Perhaps the right glassware for your boutique guesthouse? Are you catering an extravagant event at home that needs something bespoke and brilliant to set the tone?

Ambience Hospitality consults with clients to find the perfect match for any setting. They combine premium products with unparalleled value to offer you the ideal hospitality solution – tailored to your needs.

 This month we’ll be breaking down some essential ingredients that will help to achieve the perfect August Ambience.

1. Buffet Secrets

 Form follows Function (quite literally) – Let’s Break Down some Trade Secrets to an Ambient Buffet

Although we love a bit of extravagance and some visual splendour, we’re also concerned with combining this with fun. No ambience is achieved without perfect planning and the correct tools for the job.

Ambience Hospitality strives to make your buffet experience as seamless and functional as possible – with the bonus of elegance, of course.

A perfect example of this is Schonwald’s Buffet Heroes Range. With its wide variety of pieces, Schonwald caters to traditional stationary buffets, extravagant creative landscapes, and everything in between. They create sophisticated buffetware and tabletop serving solutions for any scenario.

Explore the range. Set up a consultation with one of Ambience Hospitality specialist team members, to guide you on your journey in creating a tailor-made/bespoke look and feel for your buffet setting.

2. Achieving the Perfect August Tablescape

Notes on the Season – Top Suggestions for Perfect Plating

It’s that time of year. The chill is still in the air and the August wind is howling at the door. A crackling fire is still very welcome, and Ambience Hospitality menus are centred on ‘comfort food’.

Comfort food means similarly comforting tableware. Usually in sumptuous dark tones that bring out the colours in your plating, and accentuate your Wintery-themed decor.

Ambience Hospitality brings you three deliciously decadent tableware options to up the August Ambience.

Playground Carved

Add some texture to your display with Playground’s Carved range. Dark tones and subtle indentations on the tableware give visual interest and an aura of authenticity.

United Tables Nivo Mokka

Glinting with personality, these unique tableware designs will boost any sort of Winter plating. The rich colour and mysterious surface of the plates provide a wonderous Winter ambience to any tablescape.

Aida Metalic Brown and Midnight Blue Stoneware

Serve up a storm with these beautiful stoneware ranges from aida. Danish design at its best. Choose deep Midnight Blue tones or a Metallic Brown for perfect plating.

The Other Side of the Coin

While we love anything avante-garde, we’re aware that some clients are looking for something simple, elegant, and classic. The hospitality sector is marked by certain conventions, and we are here to provide whatever you may require.

Sometimes it’s important to tone down the decor and let the food steal the show.

While colour and texture are often key, there is also much to be said for understated sophistication, and the Bauscher Dimension range demonstrates just this.

Dimension is a highly versatile collection, specifically tailored for highly demanding applications.

The simple form of the server ware and simplicity and high functionality are beneficial to any setting.

Striking handles and softly curved plates give this collection a modern, yet superior feel.

Add this range for some August ambience, and enjoy the fruits of seamless hospitality design.

3. The Perfect Setting is Nothing without the Right Glassware

Up and Coming – The Seasonal Feature

We’ve covered the plating, but glassware is just as important for some overall sensory grandeur.  We’re excited to announce that Zwiesel Glas is adding yet another range to its already flawless repertoire.

Make way for FUSION. Invest in innovation, accompanied by the perfect wine glasses – a collection where two worlds meet.

Combine performance with elegance and allow each unique flavour to unfold in the machine-made bowls, juxtaposed with the organic nature of the handmade stem.

The mixture of the two allows for an organic and authentic feel – making the tasting experience all the more pleasurable. A wafer-thin glass and delicate bowl.

A beautiful fusion between traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art machine precision.

Available for purchase from September 2023.

4. Recipes to up the Ante for August

The Winter Whiskey Sour

When the scene is set, there’s just one thing left to do – add the perfect beverage to achieve the perfect August Ambience!

When the old hot chocolate with marshmallows just won’t do. Warm up with an opulent seasonal recipe suggestion.

This is the perfect premium drink to bump up those levels of atmosphere to the next level. Best served in one of the Koziol Superglas Lowball glasses or a wonderful Schott Zwiesel Bar Special Tumbler.

The Winter Whiskey Sour Ingredients:

To Decorate:

  • honey
  • gold edible glitter


  • STEP 1 – Using a small paintbrush (or your finger), brush some honey around the rim of two tumblers and use another small paintbrush to stick edible gold glitter around each.
  • STEP 2 – Fill each glass with crushed ice. Put the bourbon into a cocktail shaker with lemon juice, orange juice, and sugar syrup. Shake and strain into each glass, and serve with an orange slice and short straws.

Simple serve and enjoy.

Summing up the season

For some, the end of Winter signals a happier time. Spring is on the horizon, and that means renewal.

Stay tuned for some excellent Spring-inspired recipes, tablescape ideas, and wonderful product offerings. Bid farewell to indoor dinners and say hello to dining al fresco.

For more visit Ambience Hospitality.

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