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Nov 29, 2019

Corobrik: Three Backyard Projects Using Leftover Brick

Whether you’ve recently renovated and have leftover brick to use, or simply want some inspiration for home DIY projects – here are three brilliant ideas that are budget-friendly and bound to enhance your backyard entertainment spaces.



There’s something primeval about man and fire, and a warm and inviting fire pit in the backyard is sure to draw your guests in and keep them cosy for hours while they relax, swap stories and sip on a glass of wine. This fire pit is simple and fuss-free and created by digging a hole in the ground and placing bricks in a circular fashion standing vertically, and finished off by laying bricks horizontally on their side to create a symmetrical border. The colour of brick used here is “Buff.” Try the Travertine brick from Corobrik for a more rustic look or the Satin finish in the same colour for something a little smoother. Both hold heat extremely well.



If you’d like to impress your guests with something a little more “wow-worthy,” why not recreate this fire pit pyramid using a white-grey brick such as Corobrik’s “Agate?” Start by digging a hole and laying bricks down vertically like the simple fire pit above, then build a border of bricks placed horizontally on their side. Keep following this pattern for one or two layers above ground level and then begin to build a semi-circle of bricks at the back of the pit. Continue building the semi-circle higher and higher, using fewer bricks with every layer until the bricks come to a pinnacle point like a pyramid.


If you’d like to challenge yourself with a more complicated DIY project you could dedicate an entire area to entertaining. Start by creating a fire pit in the centre of your chosen space and then pave a circular section around this. Just add a string of lights for a romantic and charming fairytale-feel. To recreate this quaint space I recommend using Corobrik’s clay brick paver range. A colour such as “Champagne Piazza Paver” blends beautifully with bricks in the colour “Golden Wheat” which you could use to build your fire pit at the focal point.


Do you have any bright ideas for using leftover brick in your backyard? Tell us in the comments section below.

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