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Dec 22, 2019

Corobrik: Creating Texture With Face Brick

When designing a building with face brick, many important elements should be considered to achieve a particular look, feel and general aesthetic. The type of finish you choose for your face brick is one of them – let’s talk about texture.


Corobrik has a wide range of clay face brick in countless colours and superior quality finishes such as satin, travertine, rustic, coral and smooth – each one brings a unique appeal to the overall mood of the architecture. Explore them all here.


This chic, contemporary home uses dark face brick in a smooth finish with a slight sheen, which enhances the minimalistic design of the architecture. To achieve this look, we recommend using Corobrik’s “The Black Brick” from their clay face brick range in the satin finish.


If you’re looking for a more natural effect that will bring warmth to the interior of your home, try Corobrik’s clay face brick range in “Travertine,” which is the perfect blend between smooth and rustic texture. We recommend the colour “Sandstone” which enhances this neutral texture beautifully.


If you prefer a home to be a little more on the shabby-chic side, you’ll love Corobrik’s clay face brick range in a “Rustic” finish. This finish makes for a lovely exterior as it weathers well, but also adds character and charm to a home’s interior.


If you’re fond of the smooth texture of the clay face bricks in “Satin” but don’t like the appearance of the slight sheen in the brick, Corobrik do have a similar range without the shine. This trendy apartment uses “De Hoop Red” in Corobrik’s range – “Smooth.”

The strength and durability of Corobrik’s wide and versatile range of clay face bricks is equally matched by its aesthetic qualities that are both compelling and captivating. The Corobrik clay face brick range offers the widest variety of colours, shades, shapes, and textures available. Shop the range at your nearest Corobrik centre.

Satin, Travertine, Rustic or Smooth – Which face brick texture is your favourite and where would you utilise it in your home?




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