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Colour Trends Based on Your Horoscope

We’re about to head into a new year and if like us, you’re excited and expectant about seasons to come, then you’ll want to plan accordingly. So, just for fun, we bring you the colour forecasts based on your star sign with Versus Paint. Who knows, these colour trends may make a lasting impression in your home!

Aries – Bright and Creative

You are most likely drawn to bright, happy colours that make a statement. Tones like fierry reds and pinks are hot colours if you’re an Aries. Go for bright colours in 2022 and create spaces that demand attention. It’s the creative spark you may need in your home.

Taurus – Organic and Earthy

If you are Taurus, you’ll most likely navigate toward earthy tones. Its the jubilance of nature that inspires you most. So think soft greens, like sage and olive. This colour combo will help to keep you grounded and connect to nature for the seasons ahead.

Gemini – Clean and Open

You’re a level headed person drawn to streamlined designs. And that is okay. In fact, Gemini’s are more likely to create clean, uncluttered spaces for living and work. In this way, white is the perfect colour for you in 2022. You may like minimalist designs and keep your walls bare.  As such, simple, sleek, clean tones are the way to go here.

Cancer – Reflective Nature

Pastels are the perfect shades for Cancerians. Why? Because these soft, lush colours are soothing and will help set a welcome and inviting ambience. Choose tones like white, pinks and sky blue for a calming retreat at home. You may also be drawn to colours that are reflective and tones like violet may help you create that relaxed vibe.

Leo – Sunshine Brightness

If you’re a Leo then you’re a child of the sunshine. Bright, happy colours are your safe space for 2022. A Leo is also drawn to bold colours like beautiful metallics including gold. These regal colours will help you establish a sense of royalty and flair at home.

Blue armchair next to grey scandinavian sofa in tropical inspired interior with green and gold colors

Virgo – Earthy & Subdued

You like to feel grounded and comfortable in the skin you’re in. Earthy brown tones like chestnut are ideal. These calming and subdued tones will help you remain efficient and tidy in your work and home life.

Libra – Decadent and Posh

You’re all about refined living. As such rich, decadent colours are your perfect match in 2022. Think champagne pink for added flair. Softer pinks are also great additions to brighten up your space.

Stylish living room interior in pink with a concrete floor, velvet sofa, golden table, chandeliers and tropical plants / 3D illustration, 3d render

Scorpio – Intense and Deep

Your power colours are black and red. So, maroon is the perfect middle ground between the two. This colour represents intense emotional depths, which will appeal to Scorpios. You usually gravitate towards anything that’s intense. This is a major reason why hot pink is a winning colour you should consider!

Sagittarius  – Adventure and Play

Bright and happy colours, like lime green or plum, are your perfect match. This is a great way to tap into your adventurous personality. Vibrant patterns also bring out your playful side.

Capricorn – Safe and Light

You’re a little shy and conservative and this often shines through your colour choices. As such, light grey is your colour for 2022. This colour gives you the perfect palette to add colourful books, art and plants around the house. A wonderful neutral shade that is bang on trend.

Aquarius – Innovative and Eccentric

Drawn to the beauty of the ocean, blue shades are the way to go in 2022. Blue is both soothing and intriguing and with so many shades available, you can really tap into your personality and get innovative with your designs.

Pisces – Gentle and Romantic

Since this sign will gravitate to ocean or water colours, turquoise is a good fit. Their homes will be like a gentle ocean breeze—peaceful and romantic. Since they also absorb other people’s energy, which can be stressful, periwinkle will help this sign unwind.


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