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Mar 27, 2020

Castrowood Presents The Landscape Mansion

Today’s beautiful residential property is located in Sihui, Zhaoqing, China. It was created as a model villa, or a Landscape Mansion – complete with contemporary finishes, high-end luxury and beautiful Castrowood flooring.

The area of Sihui has become an integration point of old and new and enjoys supremely livable environments. The words “Si” and “hui” in Chinese respectively mean “four” and “convergence”, as the city was named so because four rivers converge in it. With a history of thousands of years and rapid development driven by surrounding prosperous cities including Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai, Sihui is a modern integration of the old and new.

For this project, the team from ONE-CU conceived a brand new residence which crystallizes Oriental wisdom about living. Through reflecting on residential designs currently prevailing on social media platforms, the designers aimed to create a distinct dwelling that returns to its essence.

They took into account the details of daily life, and applied modern approaches and artistic languages to interpret local cultural context and a sense of belonging within the space. The hope is to provide an ideal model that leads the trend of future urban living spaces.

We love the monochromatic tones and modern finishes used throughout this residence. Open plan kitchen and dining creates a bold space for entertaining in style.

All the rooms are well-appointed and carefully designed in keeping with the soothing palette of greys and white.

This project was approached based on new urban elites’ demands for a leisurely and tasteful lifestyle. ONE-CU drew on design methods of traditional Chinese gardens, through which produced various elegant yet tranquil interior scenes.

In the living room, a full-height wooden grille is erected, which functions as a screen and backdrop. Grilles also can be seen on window openings throughout the space, making different functional areas physically separated but visually linked and providing varying visual experience at each step.

Large areas of the space are clad in light beige marbles, with their warm, solid and natural textures producing an Oriental-style elegant ambience in the space.

The bedrooms, as relatively private spaces, continue the Oriental elegance, whilst maintaining a living atmosphere via austere yet delicate details. The decorative wall covering behind the bed is of Chinese characteristics, which matches the elegant fabric and tiny decor items, together resulting in a comfortable and tasteful resting space.

Superior wood flooring throughout creates a beautifully appointed and designer finish in this Landscape Mansion.

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Project name: POLY · THE LANDSCAPE MANSION Model Villa
Location: Sihui, Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China
Area: 269 sqm
Interior finishing design: ONE-CU Interior Design Lab
Decoration design & execution: ONE-CU Interior Design Lab
Photography: Threeimages / Zhang Jing
Special thanks to: Home Ideas see more here

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