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Brabantia range of space-efficient items

From flatback pedal bins to stackable laundry bins, Brabantia has a massive range of space-efficient items for the home.

To help you utilise your space to maximum effect, here the team from Brabantia shares a round-up of their top space-enhancing items for the contemporary home.

Flatback+ Pedal Bin

Available in a range of on-trend colours, this nifty pedal bin has a flat back, making it far more space efficient than a regular round bin as you can place it flush against a wall or other surface.

“The FlatBack+ is the most space-efficient bin. And it’s quiet too, thanks to MotionControl™ technology – soft closing and soft pedal operation. More still: it’s fingerprint resistant and has a soft belt carrying grip,” explains Brabantia.

Stackable Laundry Box

Brabantia’s Stackable Laundry Boxes are perfect for homes tight on space. The lightweight boxes can be stacked on top of one another, saving space, and folded up when not in use. The boxes feature openings at the top and bottom, so there’s no excuse for the laundry not being put in the hamper.

It’s the perfect solution for easily sorting the washing into piles as you go!


Foldable Dish Rack

For those days when there just seem to be more dishes, the foldable dish rack is the perfect solution. The plastic rack can easily be stored flat when not needed, which means it won’t take up any precious kitchen counter space when not needed.

“The dishes don’t wash themselves – but they do dry naturally! Just leave them on this large Brabantia SinkSide Foldable Dish Drying Rack with a drip tray. It happily holds up to 17 plates and has hanging space for 4 wine glasses. The two baskets for drying cutlery are removable, making it easy to collapse the rack and tidy it away,” says Brabantia

Silicone Dish Drying Mat

Another great option for extra drying space for dishes is the Silicone Dish Drying Mat, which can be whipped out on demand.

Hangon Drying Rack

Brabantia’s Hangon Drying Racks come in various sizes, the largest of which offers 25 metres of drying space and can hold over two loads of laundry.

“Save time and energy by drying your laundry naturally – and save space by hanging them on this smart rack! And when all are dried and done, fold it flat easily for compact storage,” explains Brabantia



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