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Bali Trading: 6 Decorating Ideas With Baskets

Baskets are versatile little beauties, perfect for storage in any room in the house. It’s worth investing in a few in varying sizes and creating custom storage solutions you’ll be proud to showcase in your space. Here we share 6 easy decor ideas using baskets with a few of our favourite picks from Bali Trading.

Declutter the office

If your home office is overflowing with paperwork, books, stationery and more, perhaps it is time to rethink your storage. Baskets in different shapes and sizes can be used to store these office essentials in a stylish way. Place a larger basket under your desk for recycled papers and more. Place smaller versions on your counter to store pens, staples and essentials.

Organise your bathroom

Keep things sleek and clean in your bathroom with a few baskets as storage. Use bigger baskets to store rolled-up towels and toilet paper. Smaller baskets can be kept on shelves with extra toiletries like soap, toothpaste and even medicines.

Clear up your dressing table

Need a clever solution for your make-up and accessories? Create a little nook with baskets and give each a dedicated item to store. Things like hair accessories, skincare products and perfumes can all be conveniently stored in smaller baskets that are kept in a drawer or displayed beautifully on a shelf above your dressing table.

Add a basket to a reading nook

Create a little den for reading at home. Place a basket next to your designated reading nook and let this be a place to store a comfy throw or extra blankets when you need to snuggle up with a good book.



Use wasted space

Place baskets in hard to reach places such as above your kitchen cabinets or high cupboards. Use these areas to store things you use less frequently, like seasonal items. It’s a great way to keep things looking neat and tidy. You can also store them as shopping bags, beach bags and picnic baskets. The options are limitless.

Declutter the playroom

Toys, books and children’s belongings overwhelming your home? Create specialised storage for each of your little one’s and house their most precious belongings in versatile baskets. Place larger baskets low to the ground so that your children can easily access them and learn to pack their things away with ease. Smaller baskets can be used for tinier objects like lego, figurines and more.


Whether you’re using baskets as storage, decor or stylish statement in your next room design, find the perfect picks now available from Bali Trading.

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