Annie Sloan: How Best To Use Pink In Your Home

Allow Annie Sloan to tickle you pink this season with some playful ideas to incorporate this colour into your home.

It is all about confidence with colour, giving you the chance to express your individuality into your own home. You can be as bold or as temperate as you like with this warm, intimate, calming shade.

Psychologists have confirmed that pink can be an especially soothing choice for a room – leading to the development of “Drunk Tank Pink” (a colour used in prison holding facilities to sedate detainees) but we’d urge against adopting that candy jail colour at home and opt for these delicious touches instead…

Let’s begin with Chalk Paint in its biggest, brightest, boldest iteration! No joyless celibacy of colour here, as we so often see in listed properties; this Victorian panelled townhouse has been lavished with highly-saturated sanguine shades. Colour clashes of juicy orange, flushing pinks and vivacious reds (above) imbue spaces with energy; here Antoinette, Emperor’s Silk and Barcelona Orange bring passion, vitality and heart to offset the discipline of the Bauhaus shapes on the wall. Limit your use of red to accent touches with ample soft pinks for balance.

For those who prefer to dip a dainty toe into roseate waters, we present these charming bedside tables in a Scandinavian Pink and Old White mix by Stockist Louisa Grace Interiors (above).

Painting a small piece of furniture in a pink that’s been knocked back with white, or in a more neutral pink such as Antoinette, is a gentle way to invite more of the colours you love into your home without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated. There’s a preponderance of seemingly random rules about painting with pink ~ but softer shades are rewarding and easy to work with.

Another way to bring pink into your home is to do as did and paint your floor! This intricate Mandala design (above) rendered in Antoinette gives this cosy white kitchen character without compromising on space. This soft pink is the natural bridge between neutrals and colours.

Chalk Paint can be used on all sorts of flooring, although I’d pull up linoleum first rather than trying to paint over that shiny finish, and we just wouldn’t ever paint carpet. Apply with your preferred choice of Matt or Gloss Chalk Paint® Lacquer to finish, and then bask in the admiration and envy of your friends. It’s a relatively quick way to absolutely transform a space.

For more inspiration and Chalk Paint ideas, visit Annie Sloan.


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